Clarendon Cover-up State Rep launches Senate bid

Last year, Democrats almost handed a normally-safe State House seat in Clarendon County to the GOP when they nominated Kevin Johnson, the former Mayor of Manning. Questions about Johnson's mayoral travel were raised and stalled until after the special election for the House seat was over.

After long-time Senator John Land decided to not seek re-election to his Pee Dee region State Senate seat, Johnson was quick to announce his candidacy for Land's seat - a campaign he was planning even before Land decided not to run - less than a year after he was elected to the House.

While FOIA responses were initially stalled until after the House special election could take place, we're hoping to see a full accounting of where the money in Manning went - as well as where Johnson went - before Johnson's campaign for the Senate moves forward.

Given the many funny games we've uncovered by Clarendon County Democrats, we're not going to hold our breath waiting for the truth to emerge.

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