Democrat gets confused, runs for State House as a Republican

Ed Carter, a career government employee and past Democratic House candidate, seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. We suspect this because in spite of this history, this Dorchester County resident is seeking the GOP nomination to take on incumbent Democratic State Rep. Patsy Knight, who is facing a tough re-election fight in a significantly-redrawn district.

According to some we’ve talked with, some arm-twisting is taking place by Carter supporters around Summerville to help grease the skids for his primary race, where he’ll face Dorchester County GOP Committeeman Jordan Bryngelson.  Not surprisingly, many local GOP activists have not embraced Carter’s candidacy, including long-time Republicans who remember when Carter was Administrator for Dorchester County government.

4 Response to "Democrat gets confused, runs for State House as a Republican"

  1. west_rhino 20/3/12 09:48
    Wondering how long til Robert Barber and Leon Starvanakis try to do the same filing for the vacated Senate seat 41... not long after Godfather Bobby told Leon the caucus don't believe he's even RINO material.
  2. Anonymous 21/3/12 11:03
    Hey Earl:

    Unless those "real" Republicans in Dorchester have someone other than Jordan Bryngelson running for the seat, Ed Carter is going to COAST to the nomination. Bryngelson has a lot of issues of his own, but his daddy's issues are going to completely sink him.

    And then, you have to ask yourself, how "real" of a Republican is Bryngelson anyway? After all, his granddaddy was Ed Limehouse - a legendary "ward healer" and henchman for Democratic strongman Carl Knight. The answer to the riddle of course is this: If you lived in Dorchester County before 1990, you WERE a Democrat or you were NOBODY. District 97 is still a primarily rural district where most people have lived there for more than 20 years and everyone knows everyone.

    My prediction is that ol' Ed crushes Bryngelson and ekes out a closer than expected race against Miss Patsy (if she files, that is). If Ed wasn't running, Miss Patsy would be coasting to re-election against Bryngelson. She just might choose not to file rather than face a tough race against Ed.
  3. Anonymous 21/3/12 15:14
    Anon, I guess you're going to say any Tea Party favorite is going to be involved in a Green sustainability conference, aren't you?

    Carter is a Democrat running as a Republican because it's how he can get elected. He's devoid of principles and is just a tool of the local school districts. Trash people anonymously but be advised that others can play your game and when they do, Carter won't be fit to be dogcatcher in this town.
  4. Anonymous 21/3/12 16:32
    Can't wait to start going through some of his expense records when he worked for Dorchester County. Lots of good things, I hear.

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