Jim Davis for First District GOP Chair

When First Congressional District Republicans meet to select new officers and national delegates, they will have a number of choices to make and some good candidates to choose from in filling those slots.

Their first choice should be to elect Jim Davis to serve as their District Chairman.

Jim Davis, a retired business executive, has led the Charleston Tea Party in recent years, one of the largest and most effective of the state's many tea party and conservative activist groups. While other groups have shrunk or divided in feuding since the 2010 elections, the Charleston Tea Party group's size and influence has grown, attracting some of the state's most important politicos to address their members via Question-and-Answer sessions. Davis has played a large role in the group's success.

One of the things most lacking in politics these days is thoughtful discussion of ideas and issues. While this is often a code phrase for watering down political agendas in the name of electability, Jim Davis has helped integrate this approach in a manner where conservative ideas and beliefs are not compromised and the voices and concerns of Lowcountry conservatives are heard by important decision makers.

When news media asks us for recommended Tea Party contacts, Jim Davis is the first one we refer them to because he's principled, eloquent and thoughtful. He can communicate conservative ideas without coming across as shrill, angry or negative. While many conservatives aspire to come across as Reagan-esque, Davis actually can emulate the Great Communicator's qualities in a very genuine and natural way which makes him an effective advocate for his beliefs and a respectable representative for the Tea Party movement.

The Republican Party needs more people like Jim Davis and they certainly need to elect him to this important role at the upcoming First District convention.

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  1. west_rhino 23/4/12 10:24
    As you know by now, Jim's in, complete with sniping from peanut galleries about not making tea partiers and 9/12'ers tow the party line... some got no idea why tea parties exist.

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