Sixth District GOP endorsements: Connor, Pratt, Graham and Bryan

For the last two decades, South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional District has been a political no-man’s land for Republicans from the top down. Drawn with a black majority, which has assured Congressman Jim Clyburn of an accountability-free tenure in Washington since the district was created from the old Pee Dee-based Sixth District in 1992, it’s a place where few Republicans hold any elected offices.

While Republicans are thin on the ground in this region, some of the state’s best reside in that Congressional district. We’re asking Sixth District Republicans to support the best: Bill Connor for Chair, Jim Pratt for Vice-Chair, Moye Graham for a national delegate slot and Sandra Bryan for Secretary.

Connor, an attorney in Orangeburg, made his entry into politics via a strong bid in 2010 for Lieutenant Governor, where he made it into the GOP run-off. A veteran of the Afghan conflict who is active in his community, he brings a solid resume of public service to the table. As someone who learned how to hit the road and has kept a loyal following among grassroots Republicans around the state since his 2010 race, he could serve as an important voice for Sixth District Republicans, helping connect them with the state GOP. In the world of hindsight, perhaps the Blogland, which was neutral in 2010, should have taken sides in that race. But we’re not going to repeat that mistake so we’re backing Connor for Chair.

Pratt is an outdoor advertising executive in Orangeburg. His 2010 candidacy for the Sixth Congressional District didn’t go far, but compared to the past candidacies waged by others known for being controversial, he brought a degree of class, character and emotional stability not often seen in Sixth District candidates. A thoughtful, honest and sincere guy, he would easily be in office in more GOP-friendly territory, but instead he chooses to keep soldiering in tough GOP turf, for which he is both a loyal trooper and a good representative. He’s paid his dues and shows good promise for future, thus Sixth District Republicans would be wise to support him for Vice-Chair.

Graham, an engineer by profession and current Chair of the Clarendon County GOP, comes with an impressive resume of service to the Republican Party. Bringing a constellation of GOP stars to Clarendon County, he was the architect of a recent close-call where Republicans got 48 percent of the vote in a special election for a heavily-Democratic State House seat (where the best-ever GOP candidate previously landed a mere 27%). Known for his plain-spoken approach to politics, he’s a long-time guerilla fighter for the GOP in some of the most Democratic turf in the state who commands respect from both Democrats and Republicans alike. He’s earned a delegate seat at the upcoming Republican National Convention and Sixth District Republicans would do well to make him one of their delegate choices.

Sandra Bryan from Richland County has been mentioned as a potential candidate for District Secretary. Given her long-time record of involvement in the GOP, we endorse her candidacy. It may be a small office, but she’s earned this opportunity, so please support her.

As the Sixth District is a diverse district with few GOP-friendly areas, we would ask Sixth District Republicans to pick a diverse slate with an eye on rewarding those who have proven their loyalty to the party by fighting the good fight where few Republicans would dare to tread. While there are other offices to fill and other deserving candidates for those offices, Bill Connor, Jim Pratt, Moye Graham and Sandra Bryan are among those who should have their support at the upcoming convention.

3 Response to "Sixth District GOP endorsements: Connor, Pratt, Graham and Bryan"

  1. Ethan Rivera 12/4/12 10:34
    I haven't talked to Jim Pratt since pre- 2010 election. It's good to see that he is still involved and still fighting. He, Bill and Sandra will give the sixth a good team.
  2. Mike Reino 12/4/12 13:47
    I like the new group that I hope will be elected on Saturday. Bill Connor is an honorable man who can give the District some reputation statewide. Former District candidates make good Vice-Chairmen, as we have driven through every square inch of the District, so Jim Pratt would serve well in that position. Sandra is a hard worker within the party, and gives the Columbia area some interest in giving the 6th the attention they have lacked previously. Moye Graham is without question the most deserving Delegate to the Convention from the 6th. I've enjoyed my stint in the 6th, and look forward to continuing the work with the new leaders.

    Mike Reino
    Outgoing Vice-Chair
    6th Congressional District, SCGOP
  3. Moye Graham 12/4/12 17:09
    Thanks for the Endorsement Earl. I hope we can elect this Team of Leaders.

    Moye Graham

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