Cleaning out the gene pool in the Lowcountry

If you try to rob someone, you might get shot. You might even get killed. Just ask Racarlton Alphonse Scott.

Oh, that's right, you can't ask him. He's dead.

Mr. Scott died after getting shot while trying to rob someone who had a gun. Sometimes that happens. The pathetic piece of crap tried robbing a North Charleston resident while he was putting his four-year old daughter in the car. 

We qualify our assessment of Scott as a pathetic piece of crap based upon his criminal record: Assault and battery (2007), Simple Assault and Battery (2007), and Strong Arm Robbery (2008). Given this series of convictions, we're left wondering what he was doing on the streets in the first place.

Two others, 20-year-old Jamel Prezzy and 24-year-old Jermaine Venning, were arrested for their role in the robbery gone wrong. While Prezzy had a clean record, Venning, didn't. He was convicted of drug dealing in Charleston County in 2006. 

A more detailed history of the short life of Mr. Scott is available from our friends at Charleston Thug Life, a website which chronicles the online social media activities of Lowcountry vermin. Their website is ALWAYS worth a visit.

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  1. Claire 14/5/12 07:14
    May be he was a piece of crap, but you know what they say: don't speak ill of the dead.
    And I am surprised too: what was he doing on the streets? Giving that he had such criminal records

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