More questions about House 97 candidate's GOP credentials

Three candidates are running for House District 97: two in the GOP primary and a Democratic incumbent.

However, questions continue to be raised about the conservative credentials of one of the two candidates who filed to seek the GOP nomination: Ed Carter, who lost a 2000 bid for the same district as the Democratic nominee.

In a recent debate, it was reportedly pointed out that the GOP Voter Vault database scored Carter as a weak Democrat based upon his voting history. We recently received a copy of that report, so we know that's not being made up.

But wait, there's more ...

Also raising questions about Carter's conservative credentials is an email that was sent out from the Summerville Chamber which connected him to an environmentalist conference which was recently held in North Charleston

From:  <address deleted> Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 14:12:03 -0400 Subject: Trident Tech International Sustainability Symposium To:  <address deleted>
Memorandum for Energy & Environment Division

The e-mail is sent on behalf of Ed Carter, Chair, Chamber Board of Directors

Trident Technical College and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), in partnership with the Danish and German embassies, will
host a special day-long symposium, Sustainable Ways to Community

Prosperity, March 27, with delegations from Denmark, Germany and the United States sharing their sustainability success stories.

Among the people speaking at the conference is Joe Riley, Charleston's long-time Democratic Mayor, along with 

Representatives from Denmark, which currently holds the presidency of the European Union, will discuss how they are helping to fulfill their country’s pledge to be fossil-fuel free by 2050. Søren Hermansen, who has been a driving force behind the Danish success story, will be one of the speakers on the morning panel presentation, Think Globally-Act Locally: Sustainable Ways to Community Prosperity.

It does make one wonder if Carter really filed with the right party - or if he's hoping Republican Primary voters won't notice.

2 Response to "More questions about House 97 candidate's GOP credentials"

  1. Anonymous 2/5/12 07:50
    RINO Carter. His people love to sling mud but it's funny how it turns out that there's more than one side to the story. Good shooting, Earl. I hear there's more out there if you look for it. Won't be hard to find.
  2. Anonymous 18/5/12 13:35
    From the Post and Courier May 31, 2000 "if independent means jumping back and forth between parties, then I guess I'm not independent, because I am and have been a Democrat" Ed Carter. This is not taken out of context. In the article Ed Carter and opponent Jeff Rogers each talk up their democrat credentials. Ed's quoted comment comes in response to the fact that Jeff Rogers former Republican Dorchester County Coroner switched to the Democratic party to run for House District 97. Interesting that Mr. Carter has now switched parties to run for House District 97. Your post is very accurate Earl!

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