SC inmates still on the phone - FCC AWOL?

Thanks to revelations from the folks with the Charleston Thug Life blog, which has made a name for itself trolling the ever-burgeoning world of urban hoodlums using social media, we get more evidence of inmates using phones in prison to keep in contact with the outside world. Two weeks ago, the website outed a number of inmates online, followed by a story in the Charleston Post and Courier which looked at the ongoing problem

Lieber Correctional Institution staff snagged well over seven hundred phones from inmates last year.

Meanwhile, South Carolina is one of 31 states which have requested permission from the FCC, which includes South Carolinian Mignon Clyburn - the daughter of S.C. Congressman Jim Clyburn (aka J.C. Hammer) - to implement cell phone jamming in prisons to neutralize this problem. 

We talked about this issue over a year ago - not surprisingly, they're still waiting.

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