Shadow campaign groups in Dorchester Senate race?

Supporters of Sean Bennett, who is challenging Summerville State Senator Mike Rose, aren't afraid to push the envelope of state campaign laws to try to get their guy elected.

A search of the S.C. Secretary of State's website shows a Dorchester One, Inc., which was dissolved last year. No listing shows up on the state Ethics Commission website.

In the past, courts and the state Ethics Commission have taken a very dim view of these kinds of activities taking place in Dorchester County elections, including a judgment against former State Senator Bill Branton, and a number of parties are looking for whoever is behind these billboards.

We'll be digging into this one and look forward to sharing what we find with our readers.

1 Response to "Shadow campaign groups in Dorchester Senate race?"

  1. Lisa Pereira 22/5/12 10:09
    Hey at least the put something in the political advertisement paid for by_____ spot. I bet if you look around some people might not even be doing that. Wanna bet the claim of ignorance gets made or "the man is trying to put me down." That one is my favorite.

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