Ted Vick kickbacks?

But some might say that where Ted Vick is involved, business is good.

According to a review of disclosure records from the state Ethics Commission website, Vick has been doing business with the Fourth Circuit Solicitor's office after making contributions to the campaign of Will Rogers, the current solicitor.

In 2008, four thousand dollars was donated to Rogers' campaign by various individuals with the last name Vick. While a thousand came from Rep. Vick himself, another thousand came from Ted Vick Motor Company.

In 2010, Vick then reported earning $7998.98 from the Fourth Circuit Solicitor's office on his Statement of Economic Interests form.

Coincidence? Given the string of questions being asked about Vick, it's a little hard to tell. In any event, it looks like his primary bid, once considered a coronation, could be turning into an uphill battle.

5 Response to "Ted Vick kickbacks?"

  1. Anonymous 24/5/12 14:53
    Why do these people continue to run for public office knowing they will get caught? Are they that stupid or just think they are above the law? Unbelievable lack of conscience and moral dignity! Jean
  2. Lisa Pereira 24/5/12 15:31
    I wonder what brand of detergent works best on money. I've always thought it would be dreft. Or maybe dawn- it's what theg use of baby sea animals. I guess we can just ask Vick.
  3. Anonymous 24/5/12 20:15
    yipes, I always thought he was a nice guy...I know his dad is..such
    a shame. Democrats do have a heart full of forgiveness for their own though.
  4. Anonymous 25/5/12 11:51
    the fact that vick was caught in columbia has soome interesting aspects. columbia is the center of clyburn's influence and gloria tinibu is clyburn handpicked candidate. this arrest should hurt vick and propel gloria tinibu to frontrunner status. the rethuglicans are gonna tear themselvs apart between the primary and the runoff and sc is going to find itself with 3 black congressmen--well 2 black and a oreo cookie.
  5. Roseanne 25/5/12 15:17
    Anonymous, if Gloria is Clyburn's handpicked candidate, why hasn't he endorsed her? And why has he raised money for Vick?

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