Vote Heather Crawford for House District 68

There are a number of legislative contests around the state where the Blogland will be endorsing candidates. Our first endorsement goes to one of the hardest-working new faces we've seen offering for legislative seats this cycle: Heather Ammons Crawford, who is seeking the GOP nod for House District 68 in two upcoming contests: a special election primary on June 5 to serve out the remainder of the current term (it was vacated by former Rep. Thad Viers several months ago) and a primary for the full term which begins next year.

Crawford is a veteran of Horry County GOP politics, having founded the Grand Strand Young Republicans and served as its Chair for two years, as well as the Horry County Executive Committeeman for the South Carolina Republican Party from 2009-2011. Currently, she serves as the South Carolina National Committeewoman for the Young Republican National Federation.

Just as importantly, she grew up in the area and is active in the Grand Strand in a number of non-political roles which are near and dear to her. She is well-invested in her community and won't require on-the-job training to learn the local issues. Crawford understands the challenges faced by a high-growth area which is struggling to address growth issues while attempting to preserve the quality of life that has made the Grand Strand a choice location for tourists and transplants alike and will be an important ally in those efforts.

In the time we've known Heather, we've been impressed by her work ethic. She is well-known both in the Grand Strand and state politics as a workhorse who does her homework, returns calls and emails and pushes the ball hard to get results. These are all qualities which would do her district well and make the residents of House District 68 proud of her.

She set a standard by refusing to take the salary for the remainder of the term, as the General Assembly will have adjourned by the time the seat is filled by voters. It's not a lot of money, but it tells us something about her philosophy: she doesn't ask for something for nothing. That's view that we wish more politicians had these days.

Primary voters in the special primary election have three choices and a week later have two. She is clearly the best choice of both fields. We're asking Horry County votes to elect her in these upcoming contests. They won't be sorry.

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