Best news sources for the 7th District run-off?

The hottest election show in the South Carolina run-off votes is clearly the state's new Seventh Congressional District. We've enjoyed getting out to political events across the Seventh to meet candidates and their supporters, covering a wide range of events from conventions to a gospel music cookout in Hartsville to ritzy dinners in Myrtle Beach.

While we've worked hard to give our readers an informed and thoughtful (and sometimes critical) look at the race, there are two other outlets whose coverage of the race is must-read stuff, especially in the closing days of the contest: 

John Sweeney from This reporter has burned up the miles and hours chasing candidates and stories about this race in a way that few reporters do anymore. He may not work for one of the major metro dailies, but the quality of his work would make you think he does.

Mike Reino, blogging at SC6. Mike was active in the old Sixth District, which covered most of the Pee Dee in the pre-Seventh days. While some suspect the placement of the Seventh was a plot to get him out of politics, he hasn't let being in SC7 stop him from giving you great on-the-spot coverage of events, especially from the often-overlooked Pee Dee counties of the new Seventh District. 

Also, Mike Reino and myself will be on the air on Newstalk 97.9FM and 970AM in Florence on the In The Pickle Barrel show, from 8 to 10am, talking about Tuesday's GOP and Dem run-offs for the state's new 7th Congressional District. I'll be on the show Monday and Mike will be on Tuesday. We both want to hear your take on the race, so please call us at 843-317-1483.

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  1. Anonymous 26/6/12 11:14
    Earl--just wanted to say great hearing you and Mike on Bill's show. Especially since the 4 Horsemen were suppose to be dead...WOOOOOOO!!!!...teg

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