Fake "Tea Party" sneak attack in Senate 38 race

In the last two or three days before an election, you'll find campaigns who are willing to pull a fast one, hoping voters don't get a chance to put the facts together about the attacks before voting. Usually those campaigns are behind and hoping to get a last-minute boost by these kinds of sneak attacks.

Add Sean Bennett, who is challenging Summerville State Senator Mike Rose in Tuesday's Republican Primary, to the list.

An email sent out this morning from "Adam at SCTeaParty.com" claiming to be "A Message from SCTeaParty.com" made a number of claims about Senator Rose. As the email included no supporting information to substantiate the claims, nor was there a response to our reply email asking for their identity and supporting information, we're not going to discuss the claims made in the email. There was also no website for the group, which was registered to a web hosting service with no information listed for whoever actually purchased the web domain.

This is part of a pattern of anonymous third-party attacks made in this race by Bennett supporters that we've been watching, including a billboard campaign waged by another shadow group, "Dorchester One LLC", he told the Summerville Patch website "I'm flattered that people like our message. I just have no connection with it."

Unfortunately, Bennett doesn't seem to have a problem with these kinds of shadow groups doing his dirty work for him. If he doesn't believe in transparency on the campaign trail, it's hard to see how he'd do much to advocate it once elected.

3 Response to "Fake "Tea Party" sneak attack in Senate 38 race"

  1. Joseph Kurt 10/6/12 15:55
    This would be great fodder for a segment of next week's show! Thanks Earl! -Joseph Kurt
  2. Barbara Ward 10/6/12 16:40
    Sounds like dirty politics to me! When a political candidate cannot stand on his own merit but stoops to degrade the opponent, that speaks volumes to me. A group with less than desirable motives must be backing this candidate.
  3. earlcapps 10/6/12 16:41
    Mr. Kurt, glad I could help, but your RINO Hunt friends don't like me very much. I ask questions too much and I don't always back their candidates.

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