Gowdy's Stand on Fast and Furious

The Blogland's hero of the week is clearly Upstate Congressman Trey Gowdy who launched a firey rant at the Justice Department's cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious became the stuff of national headlines, blasting the agency's tactics as "wrong, no matter what administration does it".

As the current administration hides the matter behind Executive Privilege, we can't help but remember the once-upon-a-time words of then-Senator Obama who said to CNN:

I think the issue of executive power and executive privilege is one that is subject to abuse and in an Obama presidency what you will see will be a sufficient respect for law and the co-equal branches of government that I hope we don't find ourselves in a situation in which we would have aides being subpoenaed for what I think everything acknowledges is some troublesome information out there.

Funny how things change.

We appreciate Congressmen Gowdy for reminding us again that Fourth District voters made a wise choice two years ago when they voted to send him to Washington. 

If you haven't seen his committee performance from earlier this week, we have the videos for you:

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  1. Anonymous 23/6/12 12:37
    Having worked for Trey I've come to know him as a no nonsense prosecutor and now the same as our Congressman. He has done a great job in Congress and I know he will be voted to go back to Washington!

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