House 110 candidate faces residency questions, weak polling

A voter poll released by South Carolina REALTORS is predicting a big win for Charleston County State Rep Chip Limehouse, with a fifty-one point lead over his challenger, Ron Paul supporter Peter vonLehe Ruegner (64-13, with 23% undecided). But it may not be the only problem faced by Ruegner in his uphill battle.

While the poll results suggest that House District 110 voters don't seem to know who Ruegner is, information we've received has raised questions about WHERE he is. This is no small irony as Ruegner, who fancies himself as a political crusader out to unmask what he sees as corruption and insider dealings, seems to have engaged in his own campaign of misinformation regarding his actual residency.

The Blogland received copies of Ruegner's filings and a screen capture from the Republican Party's Voter Vault  voter database website, which paint a confusing and conflicting picture of Ruegner's whereabouts, suggesting that he may not even reside in the district which he wants to represent in the State House.

A screen capture from Voter Vault showed him residing in Colleton County, while his candidacy and Statement of Economic Interest filings reports two addresses:

  • 103 Wentworth Street, in downtown Charleston, which is a fraternity house (he graduated and the building is vacated during summer months). Not a residence for someone who just graduated.
  • 164 Market Street, in downtown Charleston, which is a commercial building about a block away which has a number of retail tenants, including a UPS store, which rents mailboxes, which are generally listed as "Suites". Not a residence at all.

His website doesn't list an address for a contact at all. Maybe he didn't renew his post office box?

Some of Ruegner's supporters have made transparency in government and campaigns an issue, which is sorely needed. In the spirit of increasing transparency and accountability from politicians, we hope they'll be consistent with their stated views and ask Ruegner to honestly disclose his whereabouts so voters can get the transparency they deserve.

Update - Ruegner responded by claiming residence at 74 Montagu Street in downtown Charleston. The tax information for this property shows it is owned by the Beth Israel Temple, an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in downtown Charleston. They presently pay Charleston County $99 a year in property taxes as the home is listed as being used a parsonage. While it's hard to see how a recent graduate could afford downtown real estate, it raises additional questions if the temple is indeed renting out the property instead of using it as a home for clergy. A screen capture of the Charleston County property tax report is provided below.

15 Response to "House 110 candidate faces residency questions, weak polling"

  1. Anonymous 10/6/12 11:32
    I normally wont call people names, but Earl Capps you are a dumbass! One establishment hack defending another establishment hack, good luck in the next state, SC will not miss you!
  2. Anonymous 10/6/12 11:42
    He lives on Montagu Street in downtown Charleston. He moved since filing, changed his voter registration, and everything was done with the advice of an attorney. There are no residency concerns whatsoever. Also the poll you reference was conducted in April before any campaigning. It's good to know he started off with 13% before anyone even heard of him.
  3. earlcapps 10/6/12 11:51
    Anon 1132, I do so love the courage of convicton found among those who won't put their names on their comments. It's cute for a moment, but ultimately boring. Yawn ...
  4. Peter vonLehe Ruegner 10/6/12 12:05
    Earl- thanks for the free publicity- at least you're talking about me! I invite you to come to the victory party at my house on 74 Montagu on Tuesday! I am guessing you failed to check my voter registration info! LOL.
  5. Anonymous 10/6/12 12:16
    Peter, you just got your landlord in serious trouble. I'll bet Earl will be calling Charleston County tomorrow and they may lose their tax break, costing them tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe you can see your way to toss a big check in their collection plate next Sunday to make up for what you just cost them.
  6. Anonymous 10/6/12 12:41
    Peter is crazy. He's gone through my neighborhood, trespassing in people's yards to put his signs next to Limehouse signs. Most people pull them up and throw them away. They're bullies.
  7. Anonymous 10/6/12 12:55
    Earl, they're now saying this is a religious attack upon Peter's supposed Jewish heritage (if he's Orthodox, then he's not supposed to be doing any work or going places on Saturdays except to temple but he is often seen at political events). I'm guessing they haven't read the bio on your website, have they?
  8. Anonymous 10/6/12 12:57
    Earl Capps, you are stupid. Please stop, nobody likes you.
  9. Anonymous 10/6/12 13:08
    I was threatened by one of Rugner's supporters. I had a Limehouse sign in my yard and this person walked in my yard to post a sign for Rugner. When I told him he didn't have permission, he put it up anyway and told me that if I "wasn't going to be fair", I'd be sorry.

    The sign hit the trash can as soon as the punk drove off. The next day, they stole the Limehouse sign from my yard.
  10. Anonymous 10/6/12 14:27
    Hey anonymous jack ass, maybe you should know who you call names before calling them...
  11. Anonymous 10/6/12 14:29
    Earl has more friends and people who like him probably more than you
  12. Anonymous 10/6/12 15:12
    Who is this Ruegner guy anyway? He is being pretty shady right out of the box. If he won't even own up to a permanent residence, then what kind of representation might we expect? He sent me a postcard stating his platform as opposed to the incumbent's record. What a load - Limehouse has a public track record of solid service.
  13. Dick Hertz 10/6/12 17:37
    Ruegner is a) a professional victim, b) a surrogate grandson for the emerging old fogey tin foil hat crowd, c) laughing his ass off behind their backs, d) all of the above.
  14. Anonymous 13/6/12 02:36
    So how did the victory party turn out?
  15. earlcapps 13/6/12 02:50
    Come on, time to play nice. The votes have been counted and the nominee has been decided. Peter may have made some bad moves in his campaign, but he didn't compromise his principles or flip-flop in search of votes. You've got to give him that much credit.

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