House 97 GOP candidate playing both sides of the party line?

While the Democratic roots of Ed Carter, who is running against Jordan Bryngelson, Dorchester County's GOP state executiveman, for the GOP nod for House District 97, are no secret, more comes to light to support concerns by many party activists that Carter is simply using the Republican label as a ticket to go to Columbia, with a tangled web of contradictions about his party identity going back to his failed 2000 bid for the House seat.

The most recent fuel added to the fire is comments made by Carter in a recent interview on the Summerville Patch website, where Carter admits to his past willingness to pay both sides to get ahead. He claimed that his failed 2000 bid for the seat, where he was the Democratic nominee, was part of a planned switch game in which he'd use the Democratic label to win the seat and then switch to the GOP:

Forget about parties for a minute. I have always been a conservative, especially a fiscal conservative. Some people call what I did shenanigans, but I call it strategy. The idea was to win as a Democrat, help with the redistricting of District 97 and then switch parties and run again as a Republican. Every election is different. Now I want to run with a party that most accurately reflects my beliefs.

This was the same contest in which he told the Charleston Post and Courier "I guess I’m not independent because I am and have been a Democrat."

Confusing, isn't it?

In any event, Carter's attempt to serve as a Democrat in the House was short-circuited when District 97 voters went for Republican David Owens, who became the first Republican to hold the district based in rural upper Dorchester County. 

2 Response to "House 97 GOP candidate playing both sides of the party line?"

  1. Jeff 9/6/12 13:00
    Does he also go by the name of Morgan Bruce Reeves?
  2. Lisa Pereira 9/6/12 14:00
    Assume for a second he is telling the truth about running as a democrat to win then switching to the republican party. If he is telling the truth then one ought not to vote for him because that plan is evidence of failure to think things through to their conclusions. Because party switchers never face successful challenges from within their new,party.

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