Jordan Bryngelson for House District 97

Republican voters casting primary ballots in House District 97 have a very easy decision to make in the upcoming Republican primary. The two candidates seeking their votes have very different backgrounds and sets of qualifications. Of the two candidates, Jordan Bryngelson is the one qualified Republican candidate and has the support of the Blogland.

Bryngelson has long roots in the GOP and has campaigned for numerous Lowcountry Republicans. He also represents Dorchester County on the state GOP's Executive Committee. Not only does this experience mean he'll be ready to work in Columbia, but they also mean these connections will help keep him accountable for casting conservative votes as a legislator.

It's this background which qualifies him above his primary opponent, who last ran for the House as a Democrat and to this day, refuses to be candid about his past intentions or political identity. Carter may  be a recognized business figure in the community, but if he wants to run as a Republican, it would seem that he'd want to establish a record in the Republican Party first.

One choice is a loyal, energetic conservative with proven Republican credentials. The other is a local business figure with questionable affiliations who is seeking to add to his resume. When these are the choices, it's clear that Jordan Bryngelson is the qualified Republican candidate for this House seat. 

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  1. Anonymous 11/6/12 09:49
    Couldn't agree more. Having worked with and gotten to know Jordan through SCGOP his election to the SC House would a positve improvement for Columbia. The voters of district 97 would be wise to vote Jordan to have a true conservative voice in the state house...Tom Grimes former district Chairman SCGOP6

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