Lowcountry Tea Party groups denounce so-called "SC Tea Party" attack email

An email blast sent out from an unknown sender today claiming to be part of a "SC Tea Party" has come under fire from the Lowcountry's largest and best-recognized Tea Party-associated groups. The email allegedly endorsed Sean Bennett, who is challenging incumbent Senator Mike Rose for the GOP nomination for Senate District 38 in the Summerville area.

According to the Charleston Tea Party website:

The domain name SCTeaParty.com is privately held according to whois.com and was purchased in March of 2012, but there is no website. The email is signed by Adam – just Adam. Like Cher or Madonna. It appears as though there really isn’t any organization associated with this email address, at least not a tea party organization. Nice try, though, hat tip and all that. We will continue to post information on any candidate for information purposes, but just remember, it’s not an endorsement.

We've also been informed the Lowcountry 9.12 project has also denounced the email, while the local RINO Hunt and South Carolina Republican Liberty Caucus have announced their support for the re-election of Senator Rose, as has this website.

There is discussion of a plan to announced a reward for information which can positively identify the sender of the email and any connections to either of the candidates in Tuesday's GOP Primary for Senate District 38.

2 Response to "Lowcountry Tea Party groups denounce so-called "SC Tea Party" attack email"

  1. Anonymous 10/6/12 22:31
    Adam Fogle is Adam. Is that seriously in question?
  2. earlcapps 10/6/12 22:44
    Based on a number of things which have been pointed out, it is certainly suspected, but it would be fun to have absolute proof. If you have positive evidence that he (or anyone else) did it, we'd all love to see it.

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