Prison violence and the Clyburn connection

Our most recent discussion of the issue of cell phones in prison was a month ago. Guess what? It's becoming an increasing security risk in South Carolina prisons, as well as in other states.

Yesterday, inmates seized a guard and rioted at Lee Correctional Institution (prison). According to news media accounts, "inmates with illegal cell phones called Lee County dispatchers about the seizure of the guard. Many different inmates made the calls".

We're pretty sure that being able to jam cell phone signals in prison might've helped prevent the coordination of this attempted prison takeover.

Since Jim Clyburn's association with his daughter, FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, no doubt helped get her that well-paid job, perhaps he could ask her to allow the thirty-one states which have requested FCC approval to jam cell phone signals in prison. After all, if that brat is gonna hog at the trough, she might as well do something for the money. 

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