Rice gets support from second primary opponent

With eight days to go before the GOP run-off vote in the Seventh Congressional District, candidate Tom Rice appears to have landed the support of a second primary opponent. 

Last week, Chad Prosser, who finished fourth in the primary, announced his support for Rice.

Speculation still swirls around the intentions of Florence attorney Jay Jordan, who finished third overall and first place in Florence and Darlington Counties, but thus far, he remains publicly neutral in the run-off vote.

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  1. Boz Martin 18/6/12 15:56
    Some reporter oughta ask Randall what he got in exchange for this Tom Rice endorsement.

    According to sources close to the Rice campaign, when former B & C head Doug Wendell, former HC GOP chair Robert Rabon, former U.S. Congressman John Napier and "Myrtle Beach Mafia" uber-lobbyist Mark Kelley met with Randall Wallace three months ago at Liberty Steakhouse in Myrtle Beach, they offered to support him for Tom Rice's seat as chairman of Horry County Council if Wallace would get out of the SC-7 race and endorse Rice. That's, of course, if Rice was elected to Congress.

    Wallace refused.

    Now he's endorsed Rice. "So, what was the new, improved deal, Randall?", an intrepid reporter might ask.

    An educated guess at an answer would be a job on Rice's Congressional staff (if he wins) as a Field Rep and head of Rice's Myrtle Beach Congressional office. Wallace, on the campaign trail, often spoke of his admiration for the late U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond and Thurmond's world-famous constituent service. Being Tom Rice's Myrtle Beach field rep, with a staff of case workers, would literally give Wallace a chance to try his hand at providing Strom-level service.

    That would enable Wallace to keep his position on Myrtle Beach City Council and also visit DC on a regular basis, affording him the opportunity to indulge his passion for political history, to have many new photo ops, and to have yet another way to impress the young ladies.

    Those of us who know Randal know that with such a position he would be in Hog's Heaven.
  2. Anonymous 19/6/12 12:11
    Hey what are the deals offered to Katherine Jennette. How about Rep.Dr Kris Crawford, Dr.Griffin, Rose Mary Parham, Florence City Councilman Glynn Willis..... wonder what deals ANDRE IS OFFERING in FLO Town?
  3. Randal Wallace 19/6/12 12:15
    While I did meet with the group mentioned I was never offered anything. In fact, I wondered out loud what the purpose of the meeting was at the time. Mark Kelly went with me to the meeting.

    Interesting guess about the so called deal for the endorsement because it is almost word for word the offer I was given from the underlings of another campaign right down to the joke about getting a date.

    I have a very good position with Waccamaw Land and Timber. A job I love working for a family that has been extraordinarily good to me. So I find it somewhat insulting that people would try to spread it around that I need one.
  4. earlcapps 19/6/12 12:26
    Randal, as someone who chose a job in the private sector over working in politics, it is very liberating. Besides, I always viewed politics as being like comedy. No matter how much fun it may be, I won't give up the day job.

    Thanks for putting balance in the discussion. Never got Dick's money, but I'll buy you a drink one day soon anyway.
  5. Anonymous 20/6/12 15:29
    Who really cares about an endorsement from Wallace. The guy only got a couple of hundred votes in 7 counties. He could not even get elected Chairman of the Horry County GOP. Get a life.

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