South Carolina's "Shooting Seventh" District?

If you're looking for candidate action of a more literal kind, we don't think there's a Congressional District in America which can compare to South Carolina's "Shooting Seventh" District - a special kind of place where three of fifteen current or former candidates have presented the potential to do harm in recent months.

Then it was Ted Vick, another former candidate who is still a Chesterfield County State Rep, who was arrested for, among other things, carrying an unlicensed concealed weapon.

Now the latest candidate to hop on the crazy train is Dick Withington, a perennial Horry County candidate who is airing a radio ad where he says he is unsheating a sword, threatens to take it to Washington to "attack" things and quotes Vito Corleone (about halfway down the page, just below "Do you want a Show Horse or a Work Horse?").

Somewhere, racehorses are trembling in fear of losing their heads over an offer that can't be refused.

Regular Blogland reader and Myrtle Beach entertainment executive Boz Martin told us "Whittington is bugfuck. You may quote me on that." We can't help but think Mr. Martin has a point.

Seriously, what are the odds that one Congressional district could have all three of these characters seeking the same seat in the same election cycle?

Like Stephen Colbert says, you better know a district. when you see South Carolina's Shooting Seventh District coming, you might want to run and hide.

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  1. Anonymous 5/6/12 09:24
    Earl--Dick Withington isn't the latest candidate to hop on the crazy train, he was the engineer when it left the station. Keep in mind he has had more than a few run ins with voters and in one case was knocked on his a$$ by one. But if Withington is the engineer, Mandy Wilkes would have to be the ticket agent, especially when she had her weekly TV show. Exactly how many Sharon Stone moments did she have on that show? One can not help but wonder what the rest of this election cycle holds, but if the past is any indication it ain't gonna be boring....teg

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