More phones in SC prisons

While the FCC opposes allowing states to jam cell phones in prisons, the problem of inmates using cell phones in South Carolina prisons continues, as it does in many other states.

We'd like to share three Facebook profiles courtesy of the good folks at Charleston Thug Life, who do a great job of catching lowlifes online. All three are doing time  in South Carolina prisons: 

Mr. Green even posted his cell phone number in the photo above. We're sure he's lonely so give him a call.

We want to remind our readers that Lee Correctional, where Mr. Bobo is a guest, was recently the scene of a prison riot where "inmates with illegal cell phones called Lee County dispatchers about the seizure of the guard. Many different inmates made the calls".

One of the three FCC Commissioners, who could easily vote to allow states to jam cell phone signals, is Mignon Clyburn, who likely got her current gig courtesy of her father, Congressman Jim "JC Hammer" Clyburn. Maybe the Congressman could help make his state's prisons safer for the underpaid,  short-staffed and overworked staff and ask his daughter to change her mind on this issue.

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  1. Anonymous 18/7/12 20:02
    You get fuckd up 4 this shiz

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