Race on for Florence GOP State Committeeman

With the resignation of Florence GOP state Executive Committeeman Julian Young, the race is on to replace him. Four potential candidates have offered their names for the race:

  • Susan Minck was recently disqualified from her intended bid for Florence County Council but was expected to lose that bid handily. When visiting that area before she was disqualified, we counted at least fifty in-yard sign placements for the GOP nominee, but only one for her. She recently moved to Florence, but starting at the top isn't a way to learn the ropes.

  • Tommy Phillips, a past Florence GOP leader, who recently lost his bid for Seventh GOP District Vice-Chair handily.

  • Mike Reino, a past GOP contender for the Sixth Congressional District seat and former Sixth District GOP Vice-Chair. He's also the well-known author of the SC6 political blog who has developed a state-wide political following between his blog and involvement with the Four Horsemen, a power circle of four long-time GOP activists.

  • Renee Woodberry is a relatively new face in the regional GOP circles. A hard-working local GOP volunteer, she was recently named campaign coordinator for a rural State House candidate.

Given these choices, Florence Republicans should pick Reino.

Of these four names, Reino has considerable experience in statewide politics, a key to being able to serve on the state GOP executive committee. His proven work ethic and willingness to burn up the miles will be crucial to success in this role. A political free-agent, he's not closely linked either to the current faction in charge of the Florence GOP or past leadership, allowing him to work freely to bridge local political divides and follow an agenda based on doing what's right, instead of what gets along with a particular faction.

Minck, Woodberry and Phillips all have strong ties with some of the Florence GOP factions and may carry liabilities because of these associations. Minck and Woodberry have short political resumes and no record of working with Republicans statewide. Woodberry will also have schedule conflicts between being in Columbia for Saturday meetings and being in the district where she will be responsible for a campaign for much of the eight months of the Committeeman term.

Florence Republicans have floundered since electing a slate of political newcomers to party offices, blowing opportunities presented by number of key races. The need for experienced leadership that Reino can provide is crucial.

In our view, both the arguments for Reino and against others narrow the choices down to just one candidate. We hope Florence Republicans see things our way and make the right decision to fill this vacancy.

32 Response to "Race on for Florence GOP State Committeeman"

  1. Mike Reino 7/7/12 14:55
    Thanks Earl. I will promise to leave my automatic weapons at home during the quarterly meeting if selected. In all fairness, Susan is a native Florentine. I like and will support any of the other candidates if they win, but I feel that for this term right now, I'm the best person for the job.
  2. Moye Graham 8/7/12 13:19
    I wish I could vote in this one and if I could I would vote for Mike Reino. Florence will be missing the boat if he is not elected. He brings a name known across the state and also someone that is trusted through out the GOP for telling the truth no matter.
  3. Anonymous 8/7/12 13:22
    Tommy Phillips need to give this up. He has ran every time something has come up and gotten beat badly in all of them since he got booted as Chairman by the Councilman Ken Ard. He served his time and we do not need another Husband and Wife team like when he was Chairman and Shelby was Executive Committeeman.
  4. Anonymous 8/7/12 13:29
    Renee Woodberry is not qualified for this position. She is getting as bad as DeLinda Ridings in changing horses. A few months ago she was doing fund raising for Andre Bauer and then jumped ship to support Rice. All she does is do what Stephanie Rawlinson tells her to do so we may as well elect her again. Oh thats right Stephanie is now going to be in charge of the Congressman Rice office here in Florence. This is a joke.
  5. Anonymous 8/7/12 14:39
    I hope that the Florence GOP will do the right thing and elect someone that can bring a little respect back to them that was lost in the recent ruling by the Supreme Court when Florence caused additional Candidates to be throw off the ballot for trying to go it along. Little old Lee County gets more respect that they do. In fact 45 other counties in SC is more liked than them.
  6. Anonymous 8/7/12 16:52
    Everyone hates Florence. That should have been pretty obvious at the 7th District where the Florence candidate carried just a single vote from each of five counties and lost Horry too.

    Rawlinson's mouth and the solicitor race was remembered by Marion County, where Grimes got all but one vote. Ditto for the other counties surrounding Florence.

    But they've got friends in Georgetown County. I guess that impressess someone. But if she's elected, she'd be best not even going to state EC meetings. Nobody likes her or her bunch and it would be a waste of their time to attend.
  7. Anonymous 9/7/12 09:41
    and why should we care who you support? you dont live in florence so keep your nose out of our business
  8. Anonymous 9/7/12 11:49
    I see that Stephanie or Betty are online today. That's the kind of nasty comment you can expect from one of them.
  9. Anonymous 9/7/12 14:39
    Those of us who want the current rat nest that is the FCGOP cleaned out are rooting that they'll all take a few swigs of the koolaid and vote for Stephanie tonight.
  10. Ron McGill 9/7/12 15:03
    I do know 3 of the 4 people running for this race. Susan I'm sorry to say I don't know much about which is more my fault that hers. I'm more inclined to believe that she would be better served start locally then work up to a state level position.

    Renee I love to death. Super lady who is doing a fantastic job raising her boys and juggling her responsibilities with Richie Yow. The question I've here is how is she going to handle Florence's business and candidate Yow's? How would she handle being in Columbia on a Sat when it's the busiest day for campaigning in his district? That's the next 4 to 5 months out of the remainder of the term.I don't think that benefits us at all.

    Tommy Phillips. I respect the man and how he's help the FCGOP in the past. BUT I think it's time he allowed others their chance to grow and reach for the respect he's earned. Tommy, Let others have a chance to make a difference. Just like you were given.

    That leaves Mike. I've know Mike but a few years. In those years I've found that he know everyone around the state. He knows the rocks and trees that they hide under and on. He has connections throughout the state and is well respected across this state. He did it the hard way. He earned it. It wasn't given to him. He's paid in sweat and tears.He has traveled across our old district and earn their trust. That's why he is well respected and why he should be our committeeman.

    P.S. IF you can't use your name to post your thoughts you should keep them to yourself.
  11. Anonymous 9/7/12 16:35
    I endorse Mike Reino. Go Mike Go! Vote For Mike! Go............... Mike!
  12. Moye Graham 9/7/12 18:20
    I endorse Mike Reino.
  13. Ron McGill 10/7/12 00:29
    In the finest Nancy Pelosi "You have to vote for it so you can see whats in it " tactics the FCGOP decide to withhold the names of those who are running for open spots. This was supposed to have been a meeting where people where elected so why the secrecy?

    It appears that active members are down. If there were 30 fcgop members there I would be surprised.That's including candidates, officers and their SCGOP guests. That's 13 people out of the generous 30. It seriously may have been a 50/50 split.

    Moral in our county party is very low. Many members feel like they aren't being listened to nor respected.People are voting with their absence. Members have been called names and have had our opinions deleted. People are actually scared to voice their opinions or use their voices. Why? It's our party. Leadership is supposed to lead NOT dictate. Our voices are important and need to be heard.

    We were told that things would get better and that this meeting was supposed to address these issues. it amounted to another waste of time.

    I want to know why we're acting like Chicago Democrats? We're not. We're Republicans. Leadership start acting like it. Address our concerns and act upon them. We don't have a lot of time before the election ramp up has to start. LETS FIX OUR PROBLEMS so we can fight Democrats and not one another.
  14. Anonymous 10/7/12 17:34
    Ron why don't you just come out and admit you love to stir the pot like those other four dudes you hang out with. Before you know it they will have turned you evil also. You are to good of a person to associate with the likes of the Four Horsemen. You need to come back into the fold and help our current leadership instead of trying to make trouble jackass.
  15. earlcapps 10/7/12 18:26
    Anon, why don't you just give a big "Seig Heil" at the end of that comment? Chickenshit.
  16. Anonymous 10/7/12 19:37
    Its the Five Horsemen. Brad Richardson is a member as well.
  17. Anonymous 10/7/12 19:45
    Brad Richardson is the original "maverick" and one of the original Horsemen.
  18. Anonymous 10/7/12 20:20
    You know it is the truth Chickenshit.
  19. Ron McGill 10/7/12 21:07
    Anonymous I don't believe in censorship or being a fascist. I believe that the POT belongs to all of us not just those in the fold. I believe in honesty and using my own name with my own words. I don't hide wicked words and deeds behind a anonmous nom de plume.

    My goals are to make the Republican Party better for all of us not just the fold. You make our party weak. I'm one of the few that actually supported BOTH sides in the run-off. I supported the Republican Party. I supported the ideals of my party and my country.

    I stayed away for 2 years. I watched as the party divided and conquered it's own members. We are a house divided simply anon because you want a little bit of power.

    Anon, I'm a nobody. I hold no power nor do I crave it. I know the risks I take by standing up. I am scared to death because I know the damage that will be done to me and my family. I will not deserve it simply for wanting more out of our leaders. I will be beat down like a nail with a sledge hammer. BUT the rejoicing will be short lived. For another nail will take my place. Then another and the end game is the sledge hammer will break before the nails run out.

    Anon that is the nature our my country and my freedom loving people. See anon the Republican Party has more nails than you have sledge hammers or wicked arms to wield them. In the end you will no longer be anonymous and you will be despised by true Republicans. A true sadness is that you've become what you've always have hated. Power hungry and a control freak. You've forgotten that what you are doing to others was once done to you and how it made you feel.
    I will pray for you. I will pray that you are able to overcome the darkness that has premeditated your soul.I pray that you review your treatment of people and turn your back upon the past. I pray that you reflect upon the pain and tears that you, personally have caused by your actions. As you reflect ask yourself what have I gain at others expense? I hope you are able to reconcile the cost to you and understand that it wasn't in you favor no matter what you gained. What you lost was greater. Ask yourself this "Is this what GOD put me on earth to do?"
    I will leave you to your devices and nature.
  20. Mike Reino 10/7/12 21:28
    That's what you guys don't get. I'm not in this to stir up trouble - it's to make the party as good as possible. It makes me laugh to see how much you guys guys hate us, when after all the lies you guys tell, I still tell you what the FCGOP does well. Win or lose, I've tried to be cordial to you guys. Tommy Phillips and I have both promised the samwe thing: to serve the remainder of the term ONLY, and prep the next person the entire term - and that's still enough. You have to try and jam someone who already is a District Chair into that spot as well. You wonder why everyone has left, except for the few of us who hope that someday you'll see the light, and let someone else do something.
  21. Mike Reino 10/7/12 21:30
    Oh, I forgot... Do you think it's really smart to infer Brad is gay again - or are you up for ANOTHER lawsuit?
  22. Anonymous 10/7/12 22:25
    You guys are something else. You walk in the Seventh District Convention and we showed you up. Trying to run Tommy Grimes against Elijah Jones was your first mistake here in Florence and now you are trying to get Mike Reino elected against Elijah Jones. Give up and by the way our Congressional Candidate Tom Rice beat your boy in the runoff and you dudes think yall are something well you ain't here in the Pee Dee. Go back home and stay there we don't need you here as we are winners and you four are well spilled milk.
  23. Ron McGill 10/7/12 22:48
    Anonymous, Winners don't hide.
  24. Anonymous 10/7/12 22:48
    It's worth noting that the recent Horsemen event had over seventy people in attendance. That's more than double what you hacks could get to your meeting last night and you still didn't have a quorum. Fuck you retards. The Horsemen don't do it for titles or to feel important. They do it to make a difference. Tom Grimes didn't lose you retards. He just found another way to win.
  25. Anonymous 10/7/12 22:51
    By the way, the look on Stephanie's face at 7th District when she saw there would be a second ballot was funny, but seeing how scared she was when Horry wouldn't sell out was fucking priceless.

    Tonight's trivia: when Stephanie worked for Ken Ard, was she a scheduler, like she told the grand jury, or the campaign manager, like she told everyone else? Can't wait to see the answer - or her in prison jumpsuits. Maybe Kenny will give her a cozy cell?
  26. Anonymous 10/7/12 23:05
    If you guys had seventy people at an event then you were giving away free food and drinks. Losers.
  27. earlcapps 10/7/12 23:09
    If you thought there were free drinks there (which there weren't) and didn't show up, it makes YOU the loser. Oh, put your name to your comments or I'll run an IP search and out you.
  28. Anonymous 11/7/12 00:10
    Brad Richardson, the original maverick, is the fouder of the Horsemen I believe. Not sure if its four or five and who the fifth is.
  29. pluvlaw 11/7/12 09:21
    Until you actually can start running your own candidates for public office and winning, any talk about the strength of your political organization is simply silly. Last time I checked, the current leadership of the Florence CO Republicans hadn't had a candidate win anything other than party slots. Although I suppose one should give them credit for getting all those fellow Republicans kicked off the ballot...
  30. Ron McGill 11/7/12 11:04
    pluvlaw you are dead on the money. I've said many times that the ONLY reason a party exists is to win elections. Without winning, planks & platforms mean nothing.
    The success of leadership is based upon winning elections. This leadership group got our candidates thrown off the ballot. Now there is no chance to win an election without candidates on a ballot.

    pluvlaw, Are they actually your people that you planted in the Republican party? Because you couldn't have done a better job of planting people to destroy an election or a party. Manchurian leadership! I think I see the strings pluvlaw! Get your hands off!
  31. Ron McGill 11/7/12 13:22
    Anon Bill Pickle was at the event. I guess that makes him a loser too. You don't even like your own. Wow.
  32. earlcapps 11/7/12 15:52
    Ethan Rivera and Cicero McClellan were also there. Glenn McCall and Chad Connelly were there too.

    I wouldn't call them losers, but hey, everyone's got different standards.

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