Tinubu's Delta vote: Public service or self-serving?

Last year, while Seventh Congressional District Democratic candidate Gloria "the Green Quitter" Tinubu was still serving in the Georgia State House, she came out against legislation which would extend an existing fuel sales tax break for Delta Airlines, telling the press "Delta doesn't need this money. We do." On March 16, she stood by her position when she voted "NO" on House Bill 322 (the bill passed 113-61).

But was this why Tinubu voted against Delta - or was there a more selfish reason which might explain why she wanted to cost the airline millions of dollars?

According to a 1990 story published in the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, Tinubu sued Delta Airlines, alleging an injury caused by a passenger's luggage caused her to lose her 1989 bid for Atlanta City Council:

Gloria B. Tinubu, who narrowly lost a bid for an Atlanta City Council seat in 1989, has sued Delta Air Lines claiming she lost the election because a briefcase fell on her head in August 1988, causing injuries that made it impossible for her to campaign effectively. In the Fulton County State Court suit, Mrs. Tinubu claims she was sitting on Flight 711 from Atlanta to Denver Aug. 7, 1988, when a passenger opened an overhead baggage compartment and a hard-sided briefcase fell on her head.

The story went on to report that it wasn't the only reason Tinubu alleged to have been behind her 1989 defeat, reporting that she "appealed the results to the City Council, alleging voting irregularities that included voting by non-residents. The council voted to call a new election, but Mr. Smith appealed to Fulton Superior Court, which said the illegal votes were not enough to change the election result." 

In light of this lawsuit, it would seem as if Tinubu's vote against the Delta tax break would reflect a conflict of interest and a sign that she's not afraid to let personal vendettas conflict with public service.

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  1. Mike Reino 7/7/12 11:26
    Perhaps the best way to fix Mrs. Tinubu is for her to get hit on the head again, as best exemplified in this Johnny Dangerously clip..


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