Big crowd in Rock Hill for Senator Hayes' kick-off

Those hoping to catch York County Senator Wes Hayes off guard or to overwhelm him in November probably wouldn't have found tonight's campaign kick-off by the Senator very encouraging. Over 150 locals turned out for the campaign kickoff for York County Senator Wes Hayes (as well as the Blogland), including the county's well-known conservative State Reps: Ralph Norman and Gary Simrill.
Also in attendance were Solicitor Kevin Brackett, Glenn McCall, the state's RNC Committeeman and York County GOP Chair, Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler and York County Council Chair Britt Blackwell.

Simrill opened the event, praising Hayes for his "teamwork" with the county's House members and work ethic in the Senate, while Norman praised Hayes' record of service, both in the Legislature and in the National Guard, calling Hayes "a man of his word". Both declared their support for Hayes' re-election, along with McCall.

With such broad support and the county's most notable conservative legislators rallying behind him, tonight's event showed Hayes' base of support was as strong as it has been in years past and was ready for the fall campaign. It's certainly not a good sign for those thinking this might be the year to catch him off guard.

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