Charleston School Board RINOs: Still spending

This year, she's still at it - with the largest personal expenditures ($4,871) for any member of the county's school board over the last year ($23,060). Moffly's expenditures, which accounted for over 21% of the  by board members, were followed by Elizabeth Kandrac ($4,201), a former teacher who had joined Moffly in supporting a 2400% pay raise last year.

While Kandrac will be leaving the board this year, having opted not to seek re-election, Charleston County voters are stuck with at least two more years of Moffly.

Moffly's complaint is that she is entitled to big raises and spend what she wants because she is "not a volunteer" - even though nobody forced her to file to run for the school board shortly after losing her second bid for State Superintendent of Education. Word is that she intends to use the school board seat as a springboard for yet another bid for the Education Superintendent office.

In addition to seeking to spend more education tax dollars on herself, Moffly also supported a move to name a permanent principal to St. James-Santee Elementary School, a school in northern Charleston County with just 200 students that costs an average of $14,151 per student to keep open. The principal's position had been left as an interim slot as part of an ongoing review which may seek to close and consolidate the school with another school to reduce operating costs.

Hopefully Moffly's sense of entitlement - be it school board money or campaign expenses - won't be appreciated by Charleston County voters in two years when her seat is up for election.

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