Charleston Thug Life has a posse?

The Blogland is a big fan of Charleston Thug Life - a website that has exposed the social media lives of hoodlums in the South Carolina Lowcountry, as well as those using illegal smartphones to communicate from prison. We've always enjoyed reading the website and occasionally linking to some of their research.

Their efforts have generated a lot of publicity. Dot Scott, the head of the Charleston NAACP (whose boycott of South Carolina doesn't seem to be working), accused the website of "concentrating just on these black guys" - but we're not buying it. Nor do we buy the charge by Chris Haire of the liberal Charleston City Paper that the website engages in "in-your-face race baiting" that is "is festering sore of libel and making an ass-out-of-you-and-me assumptions."

When one posts records from court websites showing arrests and convictions, it's not assumptions and it's not libel. 

One City Paper reader responded to Haire, defining the website as "like, but with guns...and in front of the bathroom mirror instead of in the checkout lane." That description fits rather well.

However, it seems others are taking the website more seriously. According to the Holy City Sinner website:

Nothing will brighten your day more than seeing these “thugs” proclaim they are deleting their incriminating profile, only to post 20 mins later that they don’t know how to. It’s like watching your parents trying to figure Facebook out.

We even ran across these rap videos which take potshots at the website:

You can always tell you're over your target when the flak gets hot and thick. We say keep up the good work!

You can follow them on Twitter -

3 Response to "Charleston Thug Life has a posse?"

  1. Anonymous 18/9/12 16:56
    Thanks for the support! :)
  2. earlcapps 18/9/12 18:19
    Always glad to show our support for a job well done.
  3. earlcapps 18/9/12 18:20
    If they release those songs on CD, can I get an autograph?

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