Connor: "Obama cynically targeting values"

This guest editorial is penned by Bill Connor, the current Chair of the Sixth Congressional District GOP, an Orangeburg attorney and security advisor as well as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. This op-ed was also published in the Orangeburg Times and Democrat.

With the many problems facing the U.S. economy, particularly the 8.3 percent unemployment rate, the upcoming presidential election would normally be “in the bag” for the challenger. With that reality, the Obama administration has made huge efforts to deflect attention from the economy.

What Americans have seen over the past few months has been a desperate attempt to generate the “perception” of a Republican war on women and even a war on the elderly (in addition to the vicious attempts to destroy Mitt Romney’s reputation). All with the mission of diverting attention from the economy. The despicable aspect to this strategy comes with the attacks against Christians done for diversionary purposes.

The attempt to force Roman Catholic charities to provide contraception/abortion (through morning-after pills) and the president’s endorsement of homosexual marriage were done to deflect attention from the bad economy by causing a fire storm.

Unfortunately, this cynical attempt to smear Christianity has done untold damage to our nation over the past 50 years and President Barack Obama’s “diversions” will make it worse.

The radical left claims it is the most “tolerant” of groups. You’ve all seen the “COEXIST” license plates and Darwin symbols lampooning the Christian fish symbol. This group screams that only secular liberals have the open mind and civil nature necessary for political discourse. That true Christians cannot separate faith from political decision-making and are disqualified from having a voice for the unborn and other such topics. Of course, as we see over and over, that liberal tolerance is only for those in agreement with secular progressives. The left lashes out in a vicious manner toward those taking a stand on traditional morality. They loudly proclaim that Christians are “forcing their values down our throat” while the truth is they are forcing their values down America’s throat and have done so for years.

What radical leftists don’t want to face is that all moral positions, whether from a secular-progressive perspective or God-centered view, are based on faith and world view. Liberals have brought many negative changes to America by imposing their values and world view: Prayer and Bible reading were forced out of public schools in 1962 and 1963. No-fault divorce was pushed on most states in the late ’60s/early ’70s. Abortion was imposed on states as a constitutional right in 1973. The list goes on and on.

The results to America have been horrendous: In 1962 single parenthood was in the single digits and yet today over 40 percent of babies are born out of wedlock. Divorce rates have skyrocketed by over 400 percent. Drugs and crime have become rampant. The onslaught of the radical left perspective has steamrolled our society.

What is the “faith” of the radical left and why is it in such conflict with Christian values? For many on the radical left, faith is in a godless, Darwinian universe. They want to believe in a universe without God or that God has absolutely nothing to do with the affairs of men. They want to believe absolute standards of right and wrong do not exist. Everything is relative and evolving. As human life evolved from insects and animals without divine intervention, taking human life becomes relative. Welcome to the world of abortion on demand.

Humans can be created and discarded to serve as parts or cells for other humans. Humans can be put to death if they appear to have lost a subjective sense of worthwhile life. The radical left doesn’t hold to inalienable God-given rights, like life, and certainly cannot comprehend principled opposition to stem cell research.

The biblical world view is a grave threat to the radical left. Similar to the left, many Christians make moral decisions based on their faith. Since Christians hold that God created man in his own image with an eternal soul, innocent human life is of high value. This world view is directly responsible for our constitutional protections, particularly the Bill of Rights. In fact, virtually all our founding fathers spoke about the importance of Christianity and morality to the republic.

In the 1830s, Alec De Tocqueville wrote in “Democracy in America” that Christianity held more influence in America than any other nation at that time. He claimed “American is great because America is good (Christian), if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

In the end President Obama will likely lose this election based on the issue that cannot be deflected from the voters. It is the issue most pressing to most Americans: The economy. Any cynical attempts to target Christian values will not change the outcome but only cause further damage that will not be forgotten.

Orangeburg attorney Bill Connor was the senior U.S. adviser to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where he received the Bronze Star. Connor is the author of the book “Articles From War.”

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