Glenn Rhoad: One of the Good Guys

A regular face in Berkeley County government and politics, former Coroner Glenn Rhoad, died earlier today after a long battle with cancer.

In addition to serving as Coroner for two terms, Rhoad had previously led the county Sheriff's uniform patrol division, helped found the Pimilico Volunteer Fire Department and was very active in the county's chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Those who knew him would likely tell you that Glenn Rhoad was known for being a little unpolished, but direct and honest, especially in tough situations. He didn't always tell you what you wanted to hear, but he was well-known by many for being the one most likely to tell you what you needed to hear and was a trusted voice in his community. He didn't need to be front and center in a situation, but he would be one who would make sure problems were handled.

It's not often you'll find someone as dedicated to public safety in their community as he was. Good neighbors like this with such long records of public service in their community aren't a dime a dozen. Rhoad will certainly be missed.

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