Guest op-ed: Senate 41 GOP run-off helping Democrats

This guest op-ed was submitted by Lisa Pereira, a Blogland reader who lives in Goose Creek. A former journalist and paramedic who ran for State House Seat 102, she is currently active in Lowcountry GOP circles. You can air your views by emailing your op-ed to

I am somewhat annoyed at the upcoming runoff between Paul Thurmond and Walter Hundley. Due to shenanigans on the part of the Democratic Party to control who they run against this November, we had a compressed primary cycle. With three candidates running, there was bound to be a runoff but no one in the party can really tell one person to drop out even if you can look at the numbers beforehand and know who is coming in third.

Now we have a runoff that will occur about a month before the general election. Again no one in party leadership can tell one of the candidates to drop out for the good of the party. I understand why party leadership can't interject into a primary between two republican candidates. However it is almost an ethical obligation on the part of each candidates consultants and/or managers to lay the numbers and facts out before their client. Few do.

In looking at the numbers between Thurmond and Hundley, (fairness says I tell you I back Thurmond) it becomes obvious that Hundley can't win the primary. He would have to pull a super-majority of Burbage's votes to prevail. This isn't how it happens. In the worst case scenario, Thurmond and Hundley split Burbage’s voters who come back out a second time, which still leaves Thurmond the winner.

But there will be one other winner: the Democratic party. They have successfully managed to drain party coffers and candidates coffers to weaken their opposition in November.

Instead of GOP volunteers making calls to help Peter McCoy or fight Tinkler or help school board candidates or even with Victory's phone-from-home campaign, they'll be working in a run-off. Win for the Democrats.

I wish since party leaders cannot (nor do you really want them to) intercede in this runoff, that the candidates themselves sit down together and come to a mutual agreement that leads to one of them withdrawing. The runoff will serve no one but Democrats.

2 Response to "Guest op-ed: Senate 41 GOP run-off helping Democrats"

  1. Dina Reed 20/9/12 17:10
    I would not vote for Hundley because he stated he would accept the temporary seat but not run to fill it.....not a man to keep his word...
  2. Zim 20/9/12 17:47
    What you are saying is that, if I am a true conservative who believes that I would be the better representative for the district, as opposed to the other candidates who have their own weaknesses, I should ignore the fact that I will better represent the people of the district in favor of the "party". Wouldn't that be placing the well-being of the party ahead of those constituents?

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