Lights in the darkness

While attending the GOP convention in Tampa last week was one of the biggest highlights in years of politics, tragedy occurred close to home when I learned a daughter of a close friend and a friend of hers were found murdered in the Francis Marion National Forest near Moncks Corner.

I had known Dana since elementary school and had seen her grow up, starting college and putting her adult life together. It was hard to imagine who'd want to do this, much less who would take the effort to leave their bodies about ten miles apart from each other and torch her car, and it was difficult to see her family having to endure what my family went through two years ago when my brother was killed.

Having seen what my family went through when my brother was killed two years ago (the other driver is still awaiting trial on charges of vehicular homicide), I could understand at least some of what they were going through.

When I attended the visitation and funeral after returning from the convention, I was amazed at the outpouring of support from the community. While there was apprehension at the knowledge the killers were on the loose and anger at the cruelty of the crimes, those who attended the funeral and helped with fundraisers were driven more by a concern to help.

Thanks also goes to the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, led by Sheriff Wayne DeWitt, along with SLED and the FBI, for their swift and aggressive response to track down suspects. 

The concern of the people of the Lowcountry and local, state and federal law enforcement were much-needed lights in a time of darkness for two families and they're certainly appreciated.

Blogland readers will be kept updated upon developments in this case, as well as information about how they can help the families of Dana Woods and June Guerry.

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  1. mg 5/9/12 18:17
    This is really bad Earl. I certainly had these families in my prayers.

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