Midlands and Lowcountry petition candidates mostly broke

Unlike the Upstate, the Charleston and Columbia regions saw far less activity by petition candidates, with no more success in the bank than those in the Upstate. Of the five races with petition candidates running (all against Republicans), not a single one led cash on hand, even in the one race where the GOP candidate had just waged a costly primary campaign. In these races, petition candidates held a cash on hand shares ranging from 47% of the combined total for the race to less than one percent.

The heavyweights in these races are incumbent Republican House Speaker Bobby Harrell, leading petition challenger John Steinberger over 90-to-1 ($121,467.93 to $727.82) and GOP Senator Jake Knotts, who also leads petition challenger Katrina Shealy by a staggering $108,376.57 to $4,708.65.

Republican candidates also hold cash-on-hand leads in the other three races, two by three-to-one margins. As in the Upstate region, these numbers show where these petition candidates are having much success developing the support needed to wage viable candidacies as the fall campaign season begins to kick off.

Next, we'll look at the races with petition candidates which are taking place in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee regions.

Here's a detailed breakdown of where the candidates stood, based upon mid-summer campaign finance reports:

Senate 23 108,376.57  4,708.65
House 39 30,570.89  27,639.98
House 81 6,088.04  R  2,895.60
House 114 121,467.93 727.82
House 115 39,341.92  13,370.71
TOTAL 305,845.35 0.00 49,342.76
 - indicates races where petition candidates had initially filed to run as a Republican.
 - indicates races where petition candidates had initially filed to run as a Democrat.
Races highlighted in red are ones where contested primaries (Republican) had also taken place.

Note:  The petition candidate in House 114 had not previously filed to run for that seat with either major party before filing a petition candidacy.

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