Petition candidates poor in Grand Strand & Pee Dee - but so are others

There are six contested fall legislative races in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee with petition candidates. What these races share is the fact that few candidates of any stripe had significant amounts of cash on hand in mid-summer, unlike candidates elsewhere in the state, meaning that few of them are in any sort of competitive position as the fall campaign season begins to heat up.

Of all the candidates in races with petition candidates in these regions, those with the most cash on hand were two Democrats: Chesterfield County Democratic State Rep. Ted Vick, who is seeking re-election to his House seat after quitting the Seventh District congressional race, and Clarendon County State Rep. Kevin Johnson, who is seeking to move into the Senate seat being vacated retiring Senator John Land. Vick and Johnson's cash positions paled in comparison to cash leaders elsewhere in the state, with just $40,806.07 and $14,916.91 respectively.

Out of the eighteen candidates in these six contests, only Vick, Johnson and Dennis DiSabato (a petition candidate for House Seat 56 in Horry County) had more than ten thousand dollars cash on hand, putting them far ahead of most of the other candidates.

Only five of thirteen petition candidates reported holding at least two thousand dollars at the time of the mid-summer filing. As many House races cost over $50,000 and Senate races over $100,000, all but Vick will have their work cut out for them if they want to raise enough money to wage viable candidacies - precious time taken away from the direct voter outreach that is crucial to winning elections.

As the filings were submitted about three months after the (every petition candidate had originally filed either as a Democrat [five] or Republican [eight]) candidate disqualifications, it's hard to see how many of them will raise anywhere near the sums needed to wage fully-funded campaigns in the time remaining, especially as the direct voter outreach aspects of their campaign will have to ramp up.

However in three of the six races, the lack of partisan candidates will mean that a petition candidate will win by default - a situation not likely to be repeated in years to come.

The breakdown for all candidates and races with petition candidate filings are below:

Senate 36 50.00 14,916.91 D 433.46  Carter D 4,871.72  Kent
House 53 1,596.37 40,806.07 D 1,586.69
House 56 13,054.72  DiSabato 7,323.34  Ryhal
House 64 (1,896.49)  Bethune D 1,166.75  Ridgeway
House 103 9,973.26 R 1,417.67
House 105 R 4,280.31  Hewitt R 9,073.34  von Hermann R 2307.03 3 Others

 - indicates races where petition candidates had initially filed to run as a Republican.
 - indicates races where petition candidates had initially filed to run as a Democrat.

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  1. BBD 14/9/12 12:23
    Regular folks hate it....but it is still true, it always comes down to money. Serious candidates must do mailings and that postage cost money. Newbies always think they have more time and support than they do...

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