Remembering David Retik

The Project 2996 website asks bloggers and those using social media to select someone lost in the 9/11 attacks, research them and write about them, using a list they provide.

In the past, the Blogland has talked about Thomas Burnett (Flight 93) Johnny Heff (FDNY Ladder 11), Fr. Mychal Judge (FDNY Chaplain) Daniel O'Callaghan (FDNY Ladder 4), Don Regan (FDNY Rescue 3), Benito Valentin (World Trade Center).

This year, the Blogland chose David Retik.

Retik was an entrepreneur from Boston who created opportunities for others. He was a partner and one of the founders of Alta Communications, an investment firm in Boston, Massachusetts that focused on raising funds for companies in the telecom sector.

Just as importantly, Retik was known for creating memorable moments for others, called an "oxymoron ... a venture capitalist who everybody liked" by one of his co-workers and known for being a practical joker. He once left a recording of "Gettin' Jiggy With It" on his mother's answering machine and visited his sister in the hospital after an appendectomy, asking "Did you save it?"

While his presence is obviously missed by many, we are sure that he is missed the most by his wife Susan and three children.

A Reform Jew (the connection is purely coincidental), he was also a member of Temple Beth Avodah.

While he left this earth on 9/11 aboard American Airlines Flight 11 in New York City, along with co-worker Chris Mello, two charitable foundations carry on his work in this world: the RetikMello Foundation, which has provided over $1 million in funds for non-profit programs in the fields of education and athletics, and the David E. Retik Memorial Scholarship, which provides college money for high school students at the high school he attended. He is also remembered in other ways: at an entrance to the soccer field at Colgate University, a plaque and tree at the Childrens Hospital in Boston, and a bench donated by his fellow Class of 1986 students at Weston High School.

We will remember David Retik.

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