Republican Liberty Caucus and "Forgotten Victims"

In a poor attempt to mark the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 with some sort of statement, the Republican Liberty Caucus didn't memorialize those lost that day, thank veterans or first responders, call for donations to worthwhile causes or challenge our nation to remain vigilant.

As usual, they're going to do something others wouldn't dare do - score political points, this time by talking about "the forgotten millions who have endured a decade of unprecedented assaults on their most basic rights". The screen capture of their "tribute" is presented to the right.

We checked around to see what they were talking about:

  • We still have freedom of speech and the press,
  • We can still buy and shoot guns,
  • Cops still need to get search warrants, and
  • We can still worship how we want.

... so we're not sure what "most basic rights" are being attacked in what was yet another display of clueless insensitivity by the group, which backed a string of losing candidates in the spring primaries, most notably Peter vonLehe Ruegner, who lost his challenge to Rep. Chip Limehouse by a margin of greater than three-to-one.

2 Response to "Republican Liberty Caucus and "Forgotten Victims""

  1. Dick Hertz 12/9/12 18:55
    Isn't there a Star Trek convention somewhere far, far away to keep them occupied? Like in another galaxy?
  2. Cap'n Save Em ALL 5/10/12 08:11
    If I may interject here, as this is extremely important.

    First, the victims of September 11th will never be forgotten.

    I can only assume that the use of the word forgotten implies that these are not the only victims, just the ones who have been forgotten.

    I would argue that by the very examples given on this blog, the abuses against our common law and constitutional rights have been forgotten or unnoticed by many.

    1) HR 347 - this bill made protest near any secret service security event, ie. presidential speech, vice presidential speech, a felony.
    To be sure, there have been no felony charges for this yet, but the law is there. This means that when a court does indeed follow this law, a person practicing free speech will lose the right to vote and also the right to own a gun.

    2) The patriot act is in direct defiance of the 4th Amendment. The folks who say, "I am not a terrorist, so I have nothing to worry about."

    That statement assumes trust in the Federal Government, hardly a conservative idea. Do you trust Barry Obummer with these newly codified executive powers.

    3)Speaking of Barry, look at his 902 Executive Orders......most of the rather nefarious ones are justified by the threat of terrorism. This is how dictatorial powers have always emerged throughout history. They foment fear and expand power to "protect" the people.

    4)The recent attack in Benghazi was improperly blamed on a video. The producer of the video was arrested. Do we let the terrorists win by arresting folks here in the United States for practicing free speech. As a Christian, I proudly endure others who slander my faith, as that is their right as Americans. When we learn to love ourselves and our faith, we are not dissuaded by the venomous musings of others. We have security in knowing that we can unabashedly pursue our own lives as we see fit.

    In the words of our timelessly wise forefather Benjamin Franklin, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    When you sacrifice freedom for security, you will receive neither, look at history.

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