Some people never learn

Even though Charleston County Democratic activist Henry Copeland failed in his first effort to pull the wool over the eyes of Charleston County Republicans, that doesn't seem to stop him from trying again.

Last year, Copeland sought to brush his Democratic affliations under the rug, with the help of RINO school board members when he tried to get appointed by Charleston County legislators to fill a vacant seat on the Charleston County School Board. This year, he's running for one of the board's seats, which are elected county-wide, in the November general election.

This time around, most Republicans are smarter, rallying around Brian Thomas, who was appointed by the county's legislators to fill the vacant school board seat. 

But we're guessing that Copeland isn't any smarter this time around. Or maybe he's got a new trick in mind to con his way into a school board seat. The next few weeks will tell the tale.

In case you have any doubt what Copeland's really all about, here is video footage of Copeland stumping at this year's convention of the Charleston County Democratic Party:

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