Talbert Black's One-Man Agenda

We've heard much about Talbert Black, a libertarian who claims to be part of a group which is trying to influence the Republican Party to adopt his agenda.

When we say "his agenda", we found the puzzling use of first-person language in explaining the legislative scorecards put out by his supposed "group" known as the Palmetto Liberty PAC. The use of such language suggests that the vetting of these votes was done by Black himself, instead of a larger group, raising the question of whose agenda Black wants people to follow?

On the Senate scorecard, one can find where Black wrote regarding Item 9 (S 533): "This tax incentive is the most ridiculous I have ever seen." ... and on the House scoredcard, he writes on Item 12 (S 533, again): "This tax incentive is the most ridiculous I have ever seen."

Like Black's buddy, Harry Kibler, these guys may talk a big game but when looking under the hood, one might find not much more than one angry person blowing a lot of smoke. Before following Black, we simply say "buyer beware" ...

18 Response to "Talbert Black's One-Man Agenda"

  1. Talbert Black Jr 19/9/12 12:03
    Earl, if you are going to diss me and post Palmetto Liberty PAC's copyrighted material on your web site (without asking permission), it would be nice if you at least actually linked back to the PAC's web site so people could make a decision in context. And yes, I agree, always... buyer beware. http://www.palmettoliberty.com/voting-records/
  2. earlcapps 19/9/12 12:10
    Hey, you posted them, so they're fair game for discussion. If the copyright issues are a problem, I'll be glad to discuss them with your legal counsel.
  3. Talbert Black Jr 19/9/12 12:29
    Thanks for keeping the url in my post! Legal counsel... right... like you need that to do the right thing and ask permission? I'm good with discussion, I'd just wanted a link back to Palmetto Liberty so folks can find info from the source.
  4. earlcapps 19/9/12 12:34
    Asking isn't required. Fair use doctrine only requires me to credit my sources.

    You're obsessed - and it's only Wednesday. Yawn.
  5. Talbert Black Jr 19/9/12 12:45
    So, yes, I personally research and write the score card... and I don't have an army of editors and proof readers. Actually, I only have volunteers... mostly family, to do the proofing. But, then I've never claimed otherwise. No one but you... and some politicians... have complained about the score card so far. But, I will try to do better.
  6. Richard 19/9/12 12:52
    Mr. Black, Earl was trying to give his readers the impression that you're a single angry man with an obsession. It didn't help your case when you jumped into validate his claim.

    If it was just your scorecard, why did you credit your so-called PAC instead of just yourself?
  7. Talbert Black Jr 19/9/12 13:17
    No, Richard, I'm not angry at all (should I add emoticons to help clear that up, LOL?). Just pointing out his lack of actually helping his readers make an educated decision by not linking back to the Palmetto Liberty web site. His missive implies that he is trying to help his reader. I was amused and made the mistake of jumping into the mud with Earl.

    Lunch hour is over, so I'm going back to work now. Thanks for the entertaining lunch hour Earl! :D I wonder if emoticons get transformed into graphics on your blog...

    To answer your question Richard... Palmetto Liberty is real... registered with the SC Ethics folks with quarterly reporting, etc. I do most of the work (all unpaid), and consult with my board from time to time so they can keep me on track. They review endorsements and the score card. Officially... legally... the score card is Palmetto Liberty's. SC Ethics laws, as screwy as they are, require the structure, or so I am told. I've never suggested Palmetto Liberty was more than what it is. Earl's insinuation otherwise is just his straw man.
  8. MP 912 Member 19/9/12 13:35
    I received the scorecard prior to the June primary and immediately questioned the data used because there were so many votes related to Roll Call voting. It looked like Talbert cherrypicked to get the answers he wanted. Then he sent it out to all the 912 groups so that the members would know how to vote his agenda. Sadly, many don't question because they're looking for a leader. Hope they all saw their leader posing with Dana Beach.
  9. Anonymous 19/9/12 13:40
    Define a RINO - a so-called conservative who buddies with Beach and CCL.
  10. Anonymous 19/9/12 13:42
    Define a RINO - a bootliking asshole like you.
  11. Anonymous 19/9/12 13:44
    Define a LIAR - Talbert Black Jr.
  12. Lisa Pereira 19/9/12 13:56
    The blogland posted the same link back you gave when you emailed out this scorecard to people- so what is your problem. At the top of the first page is a web address. Anyone can see the data. What I find disturbing is you make it appear that this comes from a group but in fact it is a scorecard from one individual' perspective.
    You might want to hire legal counsel Mr. Black if you are going to insist on throwing words like copyright infringement around. There is no legal requirement to notify or ask permission under fair use- nor a moral one. That is if you even really copyrighted your work. Did you file forms and pay the fee or did you just stick a copyright symbol on your stuff and call it golden?
  13. Richard 19/9/12 14:18
    Black will go out and hire an attorney. Oh I meant to say he will identify one and his "board" will approve it.

    If they have the money. Any big league PAC has the money to go after their critics.
  14. Jeff 19/9/12 14:20
    Some where up in the DC area.... Earl is laughing real hard right now and feeling quite satisfied on a good days work.. :)
  15. Scott Malyerck 19/9/12 14:54
    No "state PAC" is required to register with the State Ethics Commission at this point. It is really suggestion that a state PAC register with the IRS.
  16. earlcapps 19/9/12 15:31
    Jeff, I was having a good time until you decided to drive up I-95 and write my number and email on the bathroom walls at every truck stop along the way. ;)
  17. Anonymous 19/9/12 22:59
    The Palmetto Liberty group raises a few hundred dollars a quarter. Yeah, that's a group I'm going to lose sleep over.
  18. Anonymous 21/9/12 11:17
    They gave Larry Grooms a 50 and Mike Rose a 71. I'm not sure I like their idea of a conservative. But they did skew the data to give their buddies Kevin Bryant and Lee Bright good scores. If that's not a backroom buddy system, I don't know what is.

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