Tinubu campaign struggling?

Seventh District Democratic Congressional candidate Gloria Tinubu showed up in Charlotte, addressing the South Carolina convention delegates to seek their support for her candidacy. Reportedly, Democrats are continuing to show lukewarm support for her candidacy since she won the Democratic run-off in late June:

Tinubu, an economics professor and former Georgia assemblywoman, surprised the party’s establishment by winning the Democratic primary in June. She faces Horry County Council chairman Tom Rice in November.

Since then, many of her supporters have complained the party brass is not getting behind Tinubu, whose campaign is currently running a debt. Privately, many state Democrats express doubt about her chances.

These problems are nothing new. The Blogland has been in touch with a number of well-known Democrats who've had nothing nice to say about Tinubu, some of whom don't want her to win out of concern she will become a liability to their party. Considering the information that we've discussed on this blog, as well as what has surfaced elsewhere, we could understand their concerns.

We guess that one Jim Clyburn is plenty.

Internal data shared with the Blogland had indicated that she continues to suffer from low name recognition and trails badly. Also, sources have indicated that her campaign's "7-7-7" fundraising appeal, which sought to raise $700,000 in a week, failed miserably.

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  1. west_rhino 7/9/12 09:40
    Colour me Green with amusement...

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