AT&T executive says S.C. schools need to "transform" and "not reform"

Asking "what have you done for me and for students and for your community today?", AT&T President for South Carolina Pamela Lackey, said radical changes were needed for the state's public schools at the 17th annual Business Education Summit, which was held in North Charleston earlier this week, saying “we need to transform the system, not reform.”

She'll get no disagreement from the Blogland on this.

Pamela Lackey warned of likely resistance to change by those who were invested in the status quo, cautioning that "that too many schools and districts will view efforts to transform the education system as a threat instead of an opportunity."

Which helps explain the resistance faced by even modest proposals, such as charter schools, which have taken years to make relatively incremental progress.

Reformers such as Education Superintendent Mick Zais have run into the same roadblocks, but when a major executive who actually has to run a business and deal with the end results of our state's schools is saying something has to change in a radical manner, we'd like to think she's onto something - and we're sure many of our readers will agree.

2 Response to "AT&T executive says S.C. schools need to "transform" and "not reform""

  1. Jeff 25/10/12 13:27
    Did she outline a plan of reform?
  2. earlcapps 25/10/12 13:39
    In they story, she focused on few details, but the "what have you done for me lately" is the right question to ask and she's asking it for the right reason. Business executives are often people who create the vision of where to go, which she did. It's up to us to fill in the details.

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