Bernstein pimping Fair Tax falsehoods in District 78 race

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Two years ago, Democrats sought to mislead voters in several House races by distorting the substance of the South Carolina Fair Tax legislation and using it to attack Republican candidates who expressed support for the legislation or the concept it embodied. It's an attack tactic that dates back to the 2004 Senate race, when Democrats used it to attack now-Senator Jim DeMint.

This year, Democrats are using this "Fair Tax Scare" tactic again, misrepresenting the substance of the legislation and claiming those who back it want to raise taxes. The newest perpetrator is Democrat attorney Beth Bernstein, who is hoping to fool District 78 voters in her effort knock off incumbent Richland County Representative Joan Brady.

Struggling to overcome Brady, Bernstein has launched a late-stage TV attack ad blitz (the ad is shown below) that couldn't be more misleading about Brady's position on taxes.

But it seems as if Bernstein is no stranger to perpetrating, seeing as how her law firm, where she is a partner, makes good money helping perpetrators of a different stripe.

Perhaps Bernstein is hoping the voters won't take the time to read H3993, the South Carolina Fair Tax legislation, and maybe many of them won't, but the Blogland did. Here is what you should know about the main points of the legislation:

  • Abolish state income and estate taxes to end disincentives for work and savings,
  • Institute a sales tax to shift the burden upon personal consumption,
  • Create a per-household rebate system for state residents to offset any potential taxation upon items such as groceries and other family necessities, especially upon lower and middle class families.

In looking at the ad, it's clear that Bernstein and her handlers neglected to mention the elimination of two major taxes and the implementation of a rebate. We're pretty sure that omission was intentional.

If you're a District 78 voter - or even if you're not - we'd encourage you to read H3993 for yourself, as well as look at the sections of Title 12 to see which parts of the existing tax code would be abolished under the Fair Tax legislation.

We agree with the principle, the need to engage in a serious discussion about tax reform as well as the need to streamline the state's cumbersome tax code. This legislation does that and we certainly do NOT see the legislation as threatening.

We also know many of the leading advocates of the Fair Tax legislation and know they are all fiscal conservatives who are seeking to cut taxes and spending in state government. Their legislation is one of the most vocal efforts to promote tax reform in a long time and doesn't deserve to be maligned in an effort to win last-minute votes.

Either Bernstein is misinformed about the Fair Tax legislation, or she's hoping voters will allow themselves to be misinformed. That's irresponsible at best and vicious at worst - but neither qualities are desirable in a legislator.

Hopefully District 78 voters won't be fooled by these late-breaking distortions of Brady's efforts to support much-needed tax reform in South Carolina. They deserve a representative who respects them enough to tell them the whole truth on such an important issue.

2 Response to "Bernstein pimping Fair Tax falsehoods in District 78 race"

  1. Anonymous 25/10/12 23:41
    Earl...I'm a conservative....and the Fair Tax scares the hell out of me. There are better ways to accomplish the mission of lower taxes than this terrible bill. I hope Brady wins, but I can't support you on this.

    - Johnny Lee Rogers, Summerville
  2. earlcapps 25/10/12 23:51
    Nowhere have I endorsed Fair Tax.

    However, the ad only discusses part of the bill without mentioning the tax relief which is part of the legislation. The intent is to mislead about Brady's record and her intentions based upon the selective presentation of the facts about the bill.

    That's grossly dishonest, whether you support Fair Tax or not.

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