B.R. Skelton cut off by GOP?

Yesterday, the Blogland reported that the SCGOP Executive Committee endorsed Ed Harris, the petition challenger of Pickens County state Rep. B.R. Skelton, after Skelton pushed for legal action to have Harris disqualified after scoring a three-point upset over Skelton in the June GOP primary.

Harris was also endorsed by the Pickens County Republican Party.

But these aren't the only indications that the GOP is turning it's back on Skelton.

A look at Skelton's late-filed campaign finance report shows that he raised roughly eight thousand dollars, an amazingly low sum for an incumbent legislator. None of this money came from party sources, such as the House GOP caucus - but he did get $1000 from the South Carolina Education Association's PAC.

His only GOP-related donation of note was a $1000 from a PAC headed up by GOP Rep. Brian White, the Chair of House Ways and Means Committee, which was received in August and refunded on October 17.

We've talked with legislators who've indicated that more than a few legislators were distancing themselves from Skelton following his June defeat and subsequent reinstatement maneuver and that his ouster wouldn't be considered a loss by many.

To cover the gap left by poor fundraising, Skelton was forced to take out a $25,000 loan to fund his campaign in the closing weeks - a loan that he would likely have to pay off personally should he lose re-election.

Harris and Skelton will face off again next week, but it seems hard to see how Skelton would get him booted off the ballot should Harris win a second time.

2 Response to "B.R. Skelton cut off by GOP?"

  1. Anonymous 31/10/12 14:34
    In the second paragraph, shouldn't it say that "Harris" was also endorsed by the Pickens County Republican Party?
  2. earlcapps 31/10/12 14:52
    I can't believe I did that. Correction made.

    Blogging with a day job and moving has my brain scrambled.

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