Cahaly cleared of campaign misconduct charges

Long-time SC political strategist Robert Cahaly was cleared of charges related to campaign robo-calls made in the 2010 election cycle on Friday.

According to the Charleston Post and Courier, charges against Cahaly were dismissed by the First Circuit Solicitor’s Office, which was asked to handle the case after the S.C. Attorney General’s Office recused itself. An assistant solicitor with the office said Friday that prosecutors didn’t believe the statutes SLED cited in the charges  applied to the robo-calls, clearing Cahaly of any wrong-doing.

Cahaly was charged with six counts of automatically dialed announcing device violations in the fall of 2010. The calls were delivered to voting households in House Districts 26 (Greenville and Pickens Counties), 78 (Richland County), 79 (Kershaw and Richland Counties), 98 (Dorchester County), 108 (Charleston and Georgetown Counties) and 115 (Charleston County). 

Republican candidates won in all but one of those districts, knocking off Democratic incumbents in the races for Districts 108 and 115.

4 Response to "Cahaly cleared of campaign misconduct charges"

  1. west_rhino 8/10/12 10:30
    He still shore got a pretty mouth...
  2. Anonymous 9/10/12 12:50
    a certain rotund woman in florence wont be happy with this news. with connor ard grimes bauer and now cahaly all in a position to go after her. god help her if they all came together it would give new meaning to an elephant hunt.
  3. mg 9/10/12 21:56
    I like him. He always has beautiful women around him kind of like someone else I know.
  4. Anonymous 10/10/12 14:32
    Anon-what in the world would one use to hunt a elephant that large? A bazooka?

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