Carol Tempel's Pay-to-Play Politics

When Carol Tempel got the support of the obscure Working Families Party for her petition candidacy for State House District 115, one has to wonder if she got that support the old-fashioned way - by paying for it.

While other campaigns got their petition signatures via efforts by volunteers, Tempel paid for the gathering of signatures - and possibly the endorsement of the Working Families PartyAccording to her October campaign finance report, her campaign paid "SC Working Families" over three thousand dollars for canvassing for petition signatures to get her on the ballot after she was bumped off the Democratic Party ballot in the spring.

The Working Families Party has been linked to ACORN, and it's New York affiliate has been accused of selling its services in other states. Among the critics of the Working Family Party's pay-to-play approach to politics is the New York Times, which wrote:

Created a decade ago, and built with union support, the Working Families Party has become an increasingly important force in New York politics. It favors a progressive agenda on issues like affordable housing and better public transportation, and has plenty of money. But its real strength is its army of political operatives. The party formed a corporation, called Data and Field Services, as a way to market the party’s expertise — sophisticated lists of voters, for instance — to favored candidates.

That's rather fine company to bring into the South Carolina Lowcountry.

The "pay to play" approach that Tempel has used to get on the ballot and court the support of an ethically-challenged far left political organization doesn't seem to indicate strong grass-roots support for her challenge to incumbent GOP State Rep. Peter McCoy - and should raise questions about her and the political company she's keeping.

2 Response to "Carol Tempel's Pay-to-Play Politics"

  1. Anonymous 15/10/12 01:21
    Maybe she needs to form a pact with Landess and the CCL kooks?
  2. west_rhino 15/10/12 11:44
    Communists will engage in Das Kapitalism for renting their support, what else is new?

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