Copeland's school district scam starts early

If one wants to administer an intelligence test to Charleston County politicos, ask them about the political affiliation of school board candidate Henry Copeland.

Even though Copeland's vocal support of Obama should make it obvious to one and all that he's a liberal Democrat, there are still some Charleston County Republicans seem to buy what he's selling - and who would therefore fail the aforementioned intelligence test.

While what he's selling should be of concern, what he's taking from taxpayers should be even more concerning.

The Blogland received a copy of an invoice where the Charleston County School District was billed for an event fee for Henry Copeland. While Copeland is currently running for a seat, he has never served on the board, thus shouldn't be attempting to have anything billed to the school district (see below for a snapshot of the invoice).

We've been told this has happened more than once and we're looking into this to get copies of the invoices. Watch for those as we receive them.

Kandrac had no place bringing her buddy along for a trip (and taking taxpayers for a ride - again) and Copeland should never have sought to freeload because politicians aren't supposed to be able to screw taxpayers until AFTER they're elected - which should give you an idea how he'll treat taxpayers if he actually is elected to the school board.

But we're not the only ones who are concerned about Copeland. Others have set up a Facebook group to discuss Copeland's politics: We think you should check it out.

4 Response to "Copeland's school district scam starts early"

  1. Louise Alcott 19/10/12 07:40
    Well Henry Copeland is certainly a Democrat and not the conservative he pretends to be, thanks for clarifying. But, really what in hell was he doing going on a boondoggle paid for by tax payers when he isn't on the board? Please explain that one, Mr Copeland.
  2. Anonymous 19/10/12 22:03
    Earl you can expect to be threatened by Copeland and his Democratic backers. They're not happy at being exposed nor are his turncoat buddies in the GOP happy that you're making them look awful dumb.

    But stupid is as stupid does. You're onto the truth. Keep on it guy.
  3. Nancy Hicks 20/10/12 11:36
    The fact that Henry Copeland is being touted by Kandrac and Moffly is enough to turn off voters who who want to improve our schools and eliminate wasteful spending. Kandrac never met OPM she didn't want to spend and Moffly either sounds stupid or drunk. And let's not forget the attempt by the Elizabeths to vote themselves a $15k salary. Copeland is just one of them - horrors!
  4. Anonymous 20/10/12 20:53
    He's more of the same problem they've got, which means he'll fit right in.

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