Creepy Copeland on the attack

This year, a scary monster is running around Charleston County, harassing and intimidating all who get in his way - and now he's hoping Charleston County voters will be fooled or intimidated into allowing him to get a seat on the county's school board.

After quitting a school board seat in downtown Charleston, Democrat Henry Copeland has donned different disguises, hoping to hide the monster inside. He's even tried to make people think he's not a Democrat - but pictures don't lie.

He also went after a Facebook group - "Henry Copeland is a Democrat" - which criticized him and getting Facebook to content that he disagreed with (some of this content has been discussed here and we've never heard from him).

Even scarier is the behavior that forced Charleston County School District personnel to ban him from community meetings on school property. School district attorney wrote him:

There have been numerous complaints that you have frightened and insulted staff as well as other officials of the district.You have disrupted public meetings and dominated the floor, refusing to yield when asked to do so. We are now on official notice from employees that you have made them physically afraid.

It's one thing to disagree with what that school district is doing - and there's lots to disagree with. But Copeland, known for getting in peoples' faces, is the only critic who forced the district to respond in such a manner.

It's creepy stuff - and a good reason why he's not the kind of "trick" Charleston County voters need on their school board.

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