Dem House candidate arrested for public drunkness

While Austin Smith, the Democratic challenger of Florence State Rep. Kris Crawford, has enough of an uphill battle in the Republican-trending district, it seems like that his Wednesday night arrest for public drunkenness won't help things much.

Smith drew the attention of officers who were called to a Florence bar to investigate an altercation that did not involve him. During their investigation, he drew their attention when he asked for the officers to give him a sobriety test so he could know if it was safe for him to drive home, telling them they were “public servants and he paid their salary.”

Smith told the officers had been drinking since 3 p.m. that afternoon afternoon, which he described as his “typical routine for Thursday.” Perhaps if he was spending his Thursdays reaching voters, which most candidates do this close to Election Day, his campaign might be doing better - and he certainly wouldn't have spent the night in the Florence County jail.

The House candidate, who is in his last semester studying political science at Francis Marion University, was also arrested in July for underage drinking. It seems like there's a pattern here.

Looks like the most important lessons that Smith is learning these days aren't taught in a classroom.

2 Response to "Dem House candidate arrested for public drunkness"

  1. Anonymous 20/10/12 16:19
    This kid has a problem, admitted it and has behaved with nothing but class. As a recovering alcoholic, I know what he is going through. He certainly has my vote and hopefully the vote of anyone who has ever struggled with such a painstaking disease. Shame on you for not recognizing the character this young man has. If he is this transparent as a candidate imagine what he is going to do for the State House.
  2. Anonymous 20/10/12 20:52
    He admitted it in July too. Then he struggled with it weekly, as he told the cops.

    The po-po wouldn't have recognized his character either if he'd kept his mouth shut and stayed in the bar.

    We've had Vick and Viers doing enough for the House already. We don't need Junior adding to it. I'm just glad that he wasn't packing heat and co-eds as well

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