Democrat eviction alert: Henry Copeland's house of cards

Charleston County School Board candidate and Democratic Party member Henry Copeland isn't just lousy at picking up his own tab for events, forcing taxpayers to get billed for his free ride - he's also lousy at taking care of his bills and may have burned a rental tenant in the process.

As we did two years ago in a state House race on James Island ... if you have been living at 40 Bee Street, Unit 117, in downtown Charleston, been paying rent, enjoying life and have not yet received an eviction notice - you should watch for one real soon.

Documents received by the Blogland show that earlier this year, a foreclosure action brought against Copeland found that he had skipped a year of payments on the apartment, putting the property up for sale. This was not his primary residence and campaign filings show he claimed residence elsewhere, meaning the property was used for rental purposes.

This would mean that he'd pocketed as much as year's worth of rental payments received while leaving a tenant to face an unexpected eviction process.

A quick look at the Charleston County Clerk of Court website shows other judgement and convictions for Copeland.

The high price of Henry Copeland seems to be aimed at anyone and everyone who gets caught up in his web of shaky finances and shady political dealings. Hopefully Charleston County voters won't be so stupid as to give him a seat on their school board.

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  1. Bob Blake 28/10/12 14:52
    Oh that's great, he can't manage his own finances but he'd like to help manage the school board budget. Wow, let's all vote for Copeland.

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