Dems' sloppy hit-job mailing against Rep. Pitts: Loose on facts, big on spin

In the closing days of the race between Republican state Rep. Mike Pitts and Democrat Ed Taylor in House District 14, state Democrats decided to help their candidate out with an attack mailing, accusing Pitts of "bowing to Haley's demands" by voting for items on Haley's legislative scorecard.

We had a chuckle, first at the long links (haven't they heard of sites like, and then at the number of bills that passed with wide, bi-partisan support.

We're sure Democrats are hoping voters will make blind and uninformed assumptions about Pitts and his voting record, but in the Blogland, we're not that stupid. We looked at the bills listed on Haley's scorecard and the votes cast for each piece of legislation:

In the House, there are 76 Republicans and 48 Democrats and in the Senate, there are 27 Republicans and 19 Democrats. The largest number of votes against any of these bills was less than the number of Democrats in each chamber - usually far less.

Shooting at legislators over these votes stands as another ill-informed example of the state Democratic Party leadership throwing stones at it's own. Hopefully Pitts' constituents will take the time to look at these issues and the votes cast in-depth and decide for themselves if Pitts is part of a radical fringe or voting with a consensus-based majority that is actually getting legislation passed in Columbia.

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