Fake Freedom Works flyer circulated in Horry County House race

House District 56 shown in blue
The race for State House District 56 in Horry County has been known for being one with a lot of bad blood. In a series of lawsuits and legal maneuvers, Dennis DiSabato and Mike Ryhal, both Republicans who are running as petition candidates, have worked at least as hard to stop each other in the courtroom as well in the ballot box.

Not surprisingly, the race has taken yet another nasty turn as a door-hanger comparison piece which claimed to be paid for by the national conservative group FreedomWorks was distributed to households through the district.

When contacted by Paul Gable of the Grand Strand Daily website, Freedom Works denied any connection to the piece, pointing out their focus was upon national races. The group's claim is consistent with the group’s record in South Carolina politics, where its efforts played a key role in supporting the candidacy of Fifth District Congressman Mick Mulvaney, who toppled then House Budget Chair John Spratt (D-York) two years ago, thus is believable.

The piece reported Ryhal as responding to the survey and reported DiSabato as being non-responsive to the survey's questions. A color scan of the piece is presented below.

The actual authorship of the piece is unknown at this time, but if it turned out to be dirty tricks by local Tea Party activists, it wouldn’t be the first time some of them have played dirty pool this year in support of their favored candidates

While such tactics run counter to the professed belief many Tea Party activists hold in increased transparency and openness in the political system, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen so-called “reformers” turn out to believe that what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander.

NOTE: Claims have been made regarding the authenticity of this FreedomWorks piece discussed in this letter which are presently being investigated and a follow-up story will discuss the findings of this investigation. All comments regarding this article and the claims made will be left in the queue for approval after these facts have been checked out, which should be completed by Friday afternoon.

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