Fundraising reports another sign of pending GOP romp in 7th District

Seventh District GOP congressional nominee Tom Rice isn't just taking a lead in polling in the race for the seat - he's also taking a strong lead in the money race, while Tinubu is nearly broke as the campaigns head into the final stretch in the race for the state's new Congressional seat.

According to the most recent FEC reports (due September 30), Rice is holding a sizable lead in cash on hand over Democrat Gloria "The Green Quitter" Tinubu, with $390,723 left to spend compared to $26,074 for Tinubu. 

Rice's has held a strong lead in the fundraising with $1,228,312 in contributions to date against just $190,826 in donations for Tinubu. While Rice loaned his campaign $100,000, Tinubu loaned her campaign most of it's total funds - $302,000. Having loaned that much to her campaign already, it's hard to see how she can afford to continue bankrolling her campaign.

While Tinubu was able to finance a strong primary campaign and promised that her campaign was "working very aggressively", the fundraising data is more evidence that her campaign has been dead in the water since she won the June run-off. 

Although the district's demographics gave Republicans a slight lead which some thought would give the right Democrat a chance to squeeze out a win, it's looking increasingly Tinubu is dead in the water, unable to stop Rice from surging towards the finish line with a stronger-than-expected finish.

Perhaps Tinubu's decision to give up her Georgia State House seat last year wasn't such a good idea after all.

4 Response to "Fundraising reports another sign of pending GOP romp in 7th District"

  1. Bill 21/10/12 15:13
    Last I checked money doesn't buy an election. Votes are what counts. All Tom Rice was able to say was "less regulations" in the debate. Tinubu had real ideas and possesses a fir grasp of economics.
  2. Ron McGill 21/10/12 18:45
    Actually Earl it was a great idea for the people of both states. Georgia and SC. Georgia got rid of a nut and SC refuted her. Win/Win.
  3. Anonymous 21/10/12 20:35
    Bill, it works like this. To sell products (candidates) to those who buy (cast votes), you need to advertise. Voters don't just pick people they know nothing about, kind of like how you'd buy groceries or cars. Rice has 400K, Tinubu has 20K. I think he can reach more people.

    Maybe one day you can reach voters with ESP and they'll know how to vote without the first TV ad or mailout. Until then, you might need some money.

    If money doesn't buy an election, then explain how Obama outspent McCain and won. Or how Bev Purdue outspent McCrory 2-1 in the 2008 Govenror's race and won.

    As to economics, did you see what kind of economics Gloria BuBu practiced at that college she ran in North Carolina? She ran it down to zero students. Bet someone like that could really help out in the PeeDee.
  4. BBD 25/10/12 19:16
    Dr. Tinubu has lived at the trough of big government....always in search of the next GRANT....under the illusion she has the answers to save the poor. Well, our children can not afford her solutions to these desperate economic times. I have lived 20 long years under those same liberal democrat self serving ideas....Enough is enough... TOM RICE is my choice for the 7th District. Government must get out of the way... if we are to save our country.

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