GOP TV ad heats up Lowcountry Senate race

With court rulings and ballot disqualifications behind them, Senate Republicans are going all-out to hold the seat once held by Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell and currently held by GOP Senator Walter Hundley, who won the seat in a recent special election and is not seeking a full-term.

As part of their efforts, they're sticking it to Democrat Paul Tinkler, using his record on Charleston City Council with a TV spot:

2 Response to "GOP TV ad heats up Lowcountry Senate race"

  1. Anonymous 22/10/12 15:16
    Interesting Ad! Isn't this suppose to be a Republican seat, are the Republicans worried about losing it? I would have thought Thurmond was favored.
  2. Anonymous 22/10/12 19:37
    I'll be waiting to see what the Democrats throw back. If they have the money to do anything at all. Bet the ad is telling the truth.

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